15 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts To Warm A Mother’s Heart

We don’t really appreciate how much our parents have done for us until we become parents ourselves. The responsibility and joy of raising a child are unique for both parents, however, we have to admit that the care and nurture mostly come from the mother.

Celebrating all that entails of being a mother is something that we should do every day, not only on Mother’s day. Small gestures, a simple “I love you, mom” or ” Thank you, mom” is really the best gift for a mother. In the spirit of Mother’s day, we all still want to get that special gift for our moms.

And special doesn’t have to mean expensive. In fact, we’re sure that there isn’t a mother out there who would appreciate some expensive jewelry more than a heartfelt handmade card. That is why we made this list of beautiful handmade gifts anyone can do if they want to truly surprise their mom’s on Mother’s day.

  1. Jar Of Love

mothers day 365 jar craftingagreenworld
Photo: craftingagreenworld.com

We often forget to show our appreciation to our mothers. We feel like they know we care for them, so we don’t need to actually say the words. Yet, mothers like hearing warm loving words from their children. This “Jar of Love” will solve that problem. Fill it with all the best things you think of your mother, and whenever she wants, she can get one and feel happy and loved, even if you aren’t there.

2. Lazy Susan For Makeup Or Art Supplies 

mothers day lazy susan build basic
Photo: build-basic.com

Women of all ages own a lot of supplies, and we all have trouble organizing them. Help your mom solve her messy situation by making this lovely rotating desk organizer. It is perfect for all supplies, from makeup to art and craft supplies and even for basic office supplies. You can be sure mom will put it to god use.

3. Photo Candle 

mothers day photocandle ideas.evite
Photo: ideas.evite.com

Candles aren’t of much practical use anymore, but we still love them for their decorative feature. Make your mom a truly unique candle decor piece, surprising her with a custom handmade family picture candle. She will never light it up, and she will never put it away either.

4. Colorful Clothespin Trivets 

mothers day clothespin trivets dreamalittlebigger
Photo: dreamalittlebigger.com

No one wants to damage their dining table, but mothers can take it to the next level. If your mom always has some kind of a coaster or trivet at hand to keep the table surface shiny, then you know she will appreciate getting these handmade wooden trivets. And all you need is some glue and clothespins. DIY enthusiasts can make a complete trivet from an 18mm MDF sheet.

5. Mason Jar String Art

mothers day mason jar string art dearparadise.
Photo: dearparadise.com

Flowers in a vase is a classic gift and as beautiful as it is it doesn’t last long. This Mother’s day, make sure your flowers in a vase never wilt, by making your mom this lovely string art. It is a lot easier and more fun to do than it looks.

6. Homemade Moisturizer Cream 

mothers day moisturiser cream .purelykatie
Photo: purelykatie.com

Mothers need to take care of their skin and with age, dry sensitive skin becomes a really big problem. Instead of getting some brand-name moisturizer, make a natural one, that you can be sure will not only make your mom feel pampered but very appreciated as well if she knows you made it especially for her.

7. Instagram Sachets And Beanbags

mothers day satchet and beanbags lilblueboo
Photo: lilblueboo.com

Who doesn’t want their clothes smelling crisp and fresh when they take them out from the closet? Putting scented sachets or beanbags between the clothes is one way to make that happen. Even if your mom never used something like that,  you can be sure she will happily use these picture printed sachets.

8. Shadow Box Floral Display

mothers day shadow box dailydoseofdiy
Photo: dailydoseofdiy.com

Here’s is another great alternative to giving flowers. This floral shadow box display is easy to make and affordable and will certainly earn a place of honor in your mom’s home, especially with the monogram, which you can customize to spell out her name.

9. 3D Family Tree

mothers day family tree ehow
Photo: ehow.com

It is never too late or too early to dig into the family tree, and this project a great gift especially if there are young kids in the family. Grandma will adore a gift like this, and it’s also a great project to do with your kids.

10. Matcha Lotion Gems

mothers day matcha lotion gems blog.demetres
Photo: blog.demetres.com

Just like the moisturizing cream, here is another excellent pampering homemade gift with a little twist. Lotion bars are very practical and effective, especially when you’re on the move often and don’t like carrying a whole container or a tube of moisturizer in your bag. These lotion bars are compact, adorable, and you can be sure mom will appreciate having fewer things to carry in her purse.

11. Fresh Flower Gift Box

mothers day fresh flower gift box burkatron
Photo: burkatron.com

Already have a nice gift for mom, but don’t know how to wrap it? Here’s an idea that you must try for Mother’s day. Instead of simply wrapping a gift, place it in flower rimmed box Your mom will get two lovely gifts for the price of one.

12. Customized Sharpie Mug

mothers day mug and cup cake princesspinkygirl.
Photo: princesspinkygirl.com

It doesn’t matter if your mom is a tea or coffee drinker, she will definitely like to use this gift as often as possible. You don’t have to go out of your way and order custom decorated cup when you can easily make one yourself. And a personalized cup for a mom personally made by her child will become her favorite cup no matter what it looks like.

13. Coupon Book

mothers day coupon box divaofdiy
Photo: divaofdiy.com

Being a mom is the toughest and most demanding job in the world, with no breaks, days off or vacation time. You can bet that getting a coupon book of chores other’s will do no question’s asked, is the same as winning the lottery for any mother. Try it and see.

14. Mother’s Day Planter

mothers day planter lydioutloud
Photo: lydioutloud.com

Here is another better way to give mom flowers for Mother’s day, a planter with living flowers. For mothers who love plants, any planter would do, and if your mom isn’t exactly the green thumb type, she will definitely appreciate the decorated planter along with the plants you’ve chosen for her.

15. Tribute Picture DIY

mothers day picture tribute shanty 2 chic
Photo: shanty-2-chic.com

In the end, the gift of a memory may be the best for Mother’s day, and that means pictures. Instead of using any old picture frame for a memorable family photo, make a tribute picture like this one, with a loving message your mom will gaze upon and feel loved every time she looks at your loving gift.

There are countless other ways you can make a mother feel special on Mother’s day, and we hope our short list of ideas has sparked ideas in you on how to make your mom the happiest on this day. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments and we wish you all Happy Mother’s Day.



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