Dream Of Swimming – Interpretation, And Meaning Of Swimming In Your Dream

Swimming is a popular and fun activity. Some people do it for fun and others do it as an exercise. You can swim in a pool, lake, ocean, or any other body of water. In some cases, swimming is an act of survival. But what happens when you dream of swimming? What is the meaning of that dream?

In a way, swimming is connected to our life experiences. Dreams about swimming come in different forms, but they are often connected to our own emotions and subconscious mind.

Some people view these dreams as an interpretation of your attitude in your waking life.

Biblical Meaning of Dreams of Swimming

Most time, swimming takes place in the water. We all know how big of a role water plays in the bible. In a biblical way, the dream of swimming is a sign of you trying to navigate your way through emotions. You might be having happy emotions, sad emotions, or you might be feeling fear or uncertainty.

We also associate water with birth and new beginnings. It is a common element used in baptism. If you dream about swimming, you might be ready to explore new things in life. You are ready for your new and fresh beginning.

Pay attention to the location of your swimming, it might offer some clues.

Type of Water

Speaking of factors that can contribute to the dream interpretation about swimming, we have to pay attention to the type of water. We said before, swimming can take place in different bodies of water.

Outdoor swimming pool

This body of water indicates that you will find luck in your love life. But if the swimming pool is inside, you are hiding your feelings. The color of the water is important as well. Water represents the emotional state of the dreamer.

For example, if you experience anxiety and turmoil at the moment, you will dream of dark and rough water. But let’s take a look at different color of water and water types in your swimming dream.

Brown and murky

Dirty water reflects your emotional difficulty at the moment. You are probably overwhelmed with thoughts. But more importantly, you allow negative emotions to control you.

Take this dream meaning as a warning to take control of your thoughts and be positive.

Dark blue

Dark water suggests heavy and deep unconscious emotions. And if you feel nervous and anxious to be in the water during the dream, it is a sign you feel uncomfortable embracing these emotions.

Cold water

When it comes to swimming in cold water, that is not pleasing in real life. Yes, there are people that love it. But for most of us, it is not a pleasing feeling.

Yet, in your dreams, cold water means amazing opportunities coming your way. For example, if you have been dealing with health issues, it is a sign your body is healing.

Clear water

Finally a positive water dream symbol. If you spend time in clear blue water, you are in touch with your emotions. You are clear about how you feel about yourself, people around you, and your waking life in general.

Common Dream of Swimming Meanings

Walking on water

Sometimes, you might not be swimming, but walking on water. This is a sign you have control in your life and you are in touch with your emotions. Yet, there are some hidden qualities you have yet to discover.

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This dream often happens when you feel emotional distress. Dreaming of drowning might be a sign of aspects of your life that you are afraid to face.


If you are paddling instead of swimming, take it as a sign that things will improve in the near future. For example, if you experienced a negative event lately, things will take a turn for the positive.

Swimming in murky river

This is a sign you need to take better care of yourself. Do that, and you will prevent a minor illness. Dreams of water are usually signs of what to come, and this one means you have to take care to prevent illness in the future.

Swimming with animals

When you swim with animals like dolphins or whales, or any other fish, it is an indication of times that are changing. Dreams with animals usually mean you have heaps of energy. If you a whale swimming across the sea in your dream, it is a sign of your independence.

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Swimming in the ocean

Remember, the ocean covers more than 70% of the Earth’s surface. The ocean is also made up of gravitational tides pulling waves in different directions. In a way, this water dream is a sign of your emotions pulling you in different directions.

And if you notice a tidal wave or an ocean storm, it means you feel overwhelmed with emotions in life.

Swimming in a pool

When you swim peacefully in a public pool with the flow of the current, you can expect improvements coming into your life. But if you are swimming against a current, it means you feel worried about the future.

This dream is also a sign of limitations. Sometimes you experience frustration because of a lack of freedom. It can apply to anything, your relationship, work, career, society, or anything else in life. In any case, something or someone restricts you at the moment.

Swimming in a river

We talked about an ocean dream, now let’s talk about what it means when you swim in a river. Generally speaking, this swimming dream represents change.

And that is usually in the emotional part of your life. If you dream about swimming in a river, you might be in love, and you are overwhelmed with all the feelings.

If the river you swam in was calm, you will achieve inner feelings peace.

Swimming in a lake

Another good sign is when you dream of swimming in a lake. This dream means you are surrounded by amazing people. That includes friends, family members, and colleagues.

You can achieve whatever you work on and solve all the problems.

Swimming pool has problems

If you dream of swimming in a dirty swimming pool with problems, for example, contamination or bad conditions, take it as a warning. It is a sign of difficulty in the near future. And if you swim among rubbish or strange objects, it means you feel annoyed about a friend. It is time to get back on track.

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Swimming with someone

Dreaming of swimming with someone is a sign of suppressed fantasies and relationship problems. For example, if you swim with your partner, take it as a sign of cheating, lack of trust, or other issues in the relationship.

But if you swim with your friends, it is a sign of support. You can definitely ask your friends for help.

Swimming naked

You might think swimming naked is something unconventional and rather shameful. But swimming naked is a good sign. It is a representation of high self-esteem and respect in your waking life. You have them, and you will acquire even more respect.

Expect to gain popularity and respect in your new workplace, environment, college, or group of friends.



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