Dreams Of Rain – Interpretation And Meaning Of Common Dreams About Rain

In most cases, when you dream of rain, you dream of harvest and achievement. But sometimes, rain in your dreams can represent a symbol of an obstacle. Remember, rain can hinder us from going out or from our original plan. The same can be said about your dreams and plans in real life.

There are many interpretations of dreaming of rain. But we will take a look at some of the most common ones. The most important thing is to remember what happened in your dream. It is not only the rain. But you have to pay attention to whether there were clouds, where did you watch the rain from and many other factors.

If you want to understand more about your dreams, let’s take a look at some interpretations from dream books. Fun fact: when an ill person dreams about thunder, lightning, and rain, that is a positive sign. He will get better fast.

Biblical Meaning of Rain Dreams

If you have ever read the Bible, you know there are various places where rain was mentioned. For example, when Jesus traveled on a ship with his disciples, there is a mention of rain complemented by storm. In the Bible, the explanation is that Jesus and his disciples took it as a source of fear.

In another place, Jonah was asked to go for ministration, and there is rainfall. But what is the meaning of rain in the Bible? How do we interpret it?

In most cases, dreaming of rain is a sign of either difficulties, forgiveness, or losing someone or something. You have to take it into account with your current state and what happens in your real life.

For example, seeing the effect of rain in dreams can represent a sign that you go through a difficult period in your waking life. You are probably facing some turmoil and you want to give up.

Common Meanings of Dreams of Rain

Rain and your career

There are a lot of common interpretations about rain dream meaning regarding your career. For example, if you dream of heavy rain, it indicates you will encounter obstacles in your career.

But, if you dream of a violent storm, you will get a good income from your work. And when a businessman dreams about rain, it indicates a business loss.

Dreaming about rain in general

Generally speaking, when you dream of rain water, it is a sign related to your attitude. For example, are you someone who tries to isolate himself from others? Do you experience any psychological disorders at the moment? All of these can be linked to your dream about rain.

Dreaming of heavy rain

No matter if you work or not, dreaming about heavy rain is a good sign. We said before it means good income from your work. In general, heavy rain is a good sign of good fortune and good things coming your way.

Inside a heavy rainstorm

On the flip side, if you dream you are inside a heavy rainstorm, it is not a good sign. This indicates some unfortunate events in the near future. These events will surely disappoint you and might cause grief. It can also indicate dissatisfaction and frustration in the future. Usually, the frustration will come with your current life situation.

The dream can also be a sign of repressed negative emotions, especially anger. Speaking of emotions, being inside a heavy rainstorm is a sign of emotional turmoil.

Observing rain from inside

If you dream of being inside while it rains outside, the dream reveals the state of your inner being. You are isolating yourself. And you do not allow yourself to express emotions.

In some cases, the dream can be a sign of challenges you will experience soon.

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Dreaming of standing in the rain

On the flip side, if you dream of standing in the rain water, it is a good sign. Take it as a sign that you are a person who is not afraid to express his emotions. But it is also a sign of great stress that you cannot release.

In the rain with someone

Do you dream of being in the rain with someone? It might be a good time to warn that person. This dream is a sign that the person next to you might experience some problems in the near future. And he will need your help to overcome the troubles.

Cold raindrops on your skin

This is another bad sign of dreaming about rain. Take it as a warning regarding your health. It is a reminder to take care of your health, nutrition, and wellbeing. You might be getting sick soon.

In most cases, the dream serves as a reminder to deal with issues in your life as soon as possible.

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Warm rain

On the flip side, when you dream of feeling warm raindrops on your skin, it is a good sign. This is a sign you will experience improvement in your life in general. Good things are about to happen.

So take this positive meaning of warm rain and wait for something happy to happen to you.

Walking in the rain

This dream is a message from your subconscious regarding your behavior. Do you rely on other people’s help or on your own efforts? This dream is a sign you lack independence and initiative. Take it as a sign that you should change something.

Dancing in the rain

This rain dream is one of the best signs in terms of dreams about rain. It is a sign indicating satisfaction, joy, and happiness with your waking life. It is also a sign you will help someone advance in his/her career.

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Lovers dreaming about rain

When lovers dream about light rain, it is an indication of their sweet relationship. It is also a sign your lover is sincere to you. You can definitely trust your partner. But heavy rain indicates your partner is trying to hide something from you. Or that he is not into you.

When you dream of a rainstorm, it is a sign of love with a significant impact in the near future. And if you are in a relationship, it means you are helpless in the current relationship and situation.

Walking with your lover in rain suggests a breakup in the near future. Try not to get into a heated argument, as it will lead to a breakup.

Soaked in rain

Depending on the situation in your life, getting soaked in rain suggests no desire to learn. If you are a student, it means you hate studying.

Climbing while raining

When you dream about climbing in the rain, it is a sign of troubles in interpersonal relationships. That can relate to your friends, family, colleagues, or partner. You will definitely have some unfavorable relationships in the near future. Be modest when dealing with people for the next few months.

Animals in the rain

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If you are a writer, this might be the time to write. Or even if you are not a writer, dreams of animals in the rain suggest writing inspiration. It might be time to write something. You will have a lot of inspiration,  for sure. For example, you can write a love letter.

Dream about rain and flood

Dreaming of rain and flood shows a phase of isolation and emotional helplessness. At the moment, you do not know how to get away from things and problems surrounding your life. Make sure to have an honest conversation with yourself, and you will find the answer.

The dream is also a sign of feeling lonely. Your feelings flood your mind. Connect with yourself.

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Dreaming of Rain and clouds

Depending on the weather, dreams about rain can mean different things. For example, if you dream of rain and sun at the same time, it is a good sign indicating happiness and joy coming your way. It is a sign of good fortune. It can also be a sign of luck in a game of chance.

In the same spirit, a dream of rain and no clouds in the sky is a good sign. It indicates experiencing fortunate changes coming your way.

But if there are clouds in the sky, it is a bad sign. It might show disagreements and conflicts caused by your actions.

Last, but not least, dreaming of rain and a rainbow is a good sign. Fortunate changes await you in the future.



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