Dream of A Flood – Common Dream Meaning and Interpretations

We often dream of a flood when our emotions go out of control. You might be wondering what the connection is between flood dreams and emotions. Well, we are here to walk you through it,

As we know, a flood can take form in many different ways. And the same applies to dreams, anything is possible. Now, usually, when you dream about a flood, it is a disturbing dream. After all, it is a dangerous one that might have some fatal consequences.

But dreaming of flood has nothing to do with catastrophic real-life events. It is all about you and your emotions.

Sometimes, a flood dream is a sign to take care of yourself. It is a warning sign of an approaching illness. And other times, flood can represent a sign of success. Let’s take a look at the different flood dream interpretations and meanings.

Biblical meaning of Flood Dreams

Simply put, the spiritual meaning of the dream of a flood is washing away the past for a new and brighter future. The water that appears in your dream is a reflection of your relationships and emotions. Think about how you feel at the moment. If you are going through an emotional crisis, you know it is time to move away from the situation.

Yet, sometimes, a flood in a dream can represent a crisis. That is if you notice destruction in the dream.

Spiritually speaking, in most cases, flood dreams represent how you feel at the moment. And when your emotions are out of control, it is a common dream.

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Common Flood Dream Meaning and Interpretations

Depending on the situation, dreaming of a flood can have different meanings. You have to pay attention to details, even the color of the water. Let’s break down the specific dream scenarios.

Dream of flooding water

As we said before, water is connected to our emotional side in our personal life. So, a flood is a way for a new start and washing away the past. When you see gushing flood water, it signifies something out of control.

And a dream of high water coming from a flood is a sign that you should focus your emotions on the relationship.

Another explanation is how you feel in your waking life. Do you feel like swimming upstream against the tide?

Dreaming of a flooded city

Whether you dream of a flooded city, town, or any land, it is a sign of difficulty in connecting with your own emotions. It is also a sign you have not coped well with recent conditions in your life.

Fun fact: sometimes, our subconscious mind dreams of flood after watching a movie. Do not watch them just before you go to bed.

Flood caused by a storm

We said many factors determine your flood dream meaning. One of them is the weather conditions. So, if a storm or hurricane caused the flood, it is a sign of troubles that will come to your life in the near future. But do not worry, things will settle down eventually. In the end, things will result in happiness.

On the other hand, when you dream of coastal areas flooded by the ocean, tides, or storm, it is a sign of your fear of not reaching a specific goal. Tornadoes are connected to turbulent emotions in life. And this storm indicates a destabilized environment.

Dreaming of a flooded car

Generally speaking, cars in dreams imply our approach to life. Just for info, Sigmund Freud believed cars in dreams are the direction in our life. So, if you see a flooded car, the dream book explanation is that someone or something is challenging your power in life.

Another explanation is that a flooded car indicates moving from one phase to another phase in your waking life.

Yet, when you see many flooded vehicles, including cars, trucks, or even planes, it is a clear warning sign of loss of control. Where you are in the car, inside or outside, indicates your situation in the real-life scenario.

Flood all over the place

When you see a devastating massive flood in your dream, take it as a sign to confront your suppressed emotions. You need to confront them, otherwise, they will grow into negative emotions.

Think about emotions like anger, anxiety, jealousy, and so on. Any one of them has the potential to grow into an emotion that can drag you down for days, even months.

If you feel heavy at the moment, let go and move forward. You should stop hiding your emotions. Tell people around how you feel.

Flooded land in dream

Flooded land is actually the aftermath of the flood. And while flooded land is a devastating look, this dream is a sign of good fortune. Things will change for good. You are probably going through tough times in life, but things will take a direction for good.

While you might think there is no visible ray of hope, do not worry. Thins will look better in the end.

Being trapped in flood

Speaking of water dreams, this one means you are no longer in control of your emotion. You may have repressed emotions for a while now. It is impossible to control these feelings.

Flood with clean water

There is a different dream interpretation depending on the water in it. For example, if you dream of clean water flood, it means you are going through a cleansing.

You should take it as a sign to look deeper into your life. That is what Sigmund Freud would suggest. The cleansing can be about your career, finances, personal relationships, health, or anything in between.

Flood with dirty water

As we said before, clean water has one meaning, and dirty water and mud water have another dream interpretation.

If your dream involves dirty water, it is a cause of concern. We know mud water means something impure. So, it is a sign that something in your life is contaminated.

And it can manifest as a disease or something terrible.

Carried away by flood

As in many other flood dream scenarios, this one is a sign of your emotions. You are carried away by your emotions at the moment.

And that affects people around you. It is a negative sign, and it will ultimately affect you. You might hurt people you care for. And that will damage you.

The solution is rather simple. Calm your emotions down. Try to take a step back, or take a leave from your busy schedule.

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Surrounded by flood in your home

This dream indicates unnecessary lavishness. You spend way too much money and time on things you do not need.

But more importantly, money. You spend too much and you will end up with zero savings. Your habit of overspending will haunt you. Yes, you might be earning well and living a luxurious life. But it is time to cut down on unnecessary spendings.

Invest your money in the future. Remember, there is no guarantee your inflow of wealth will remain the same. House flooding dream should be your warning sign.

Flood and heavy rain

Two negatives make a positive, you know it, right? It applies in math, and apparently, it applies to your dream as well. This dream is a good luck sign. It is a sign God tries to remove obstacles from your life.

Even if you do not believe in God, help will come to you. This dream appears to people during harsh periods when they cannot find a way out. So, it is time for a miracle.

Escaping from a flood

Dreaming about escaping a flood is a sign you are about to feel freedom. You can escape all your problems in your everyday life. And if you are successful in your dream, problems in your normal life will be solved.

If you are not successful in escaping a flood, it means you will have difficulty embracing the changes.

Flood blocking your path

A flood blocking your path means obstacles and hindrances in your life. These obstacles can be emotional problems or hindrances. They will delay your goals.

Drowning in the flood

This flooded water dream is a clear sign you do not feel good at the moment. It applies to both physical exhaustion and mental exhaustion.

Something troubles your mind. But the worst part is you do not have control over that particulate thing. You have to find out what troubles you. Tell people around you how feel and look for comfort and support.



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