Signs A Female Co-Worker Likes You

7+ Notable Signs A Female Co-Worker Likes You

Office romance is good, but it’s also perhaps the most difficult to achieve. Because of the professional nature of workplaces, extreme cautiousness has to be taken.

If it goes wrong, things can get messy. Usually, it’s best to wait and watch if someone likes you before making the moves. If the other party does like you, the chances of a successful romance are high.

Nevertheless, how can you tell when a co-worker likes you? Here are some signs to watch out for.

Frequent Greetings

That coworker who always stops by your desk to say ‘hi’ probably has something on her mind she is not sharing yet. Normally, it’s courteous to greet coworkers, and she may be the friendly type.

However, when you notice she does it a little bit extra with you, then maybe you’ve won a jackpot already. It’s a good sign, but, hey! That’s not all.

Wants To Be Around You

Another subtle sign is when she always wants to be with you. At meetings, you would notice that she wants to sit with you. She asks you to keep a seat for her next to you when she is running late.

She wants to be around you, and that’s a huge green light. Further, if she desires to work with you on almost every project, that’s a sign too. She might not blurt it out that she likes you at first, but these subtle signs mean that something is up.

Other Subtle Signs

There are many other signs a female co-worker likes you and they are often subtle. Is there a particular coworker whose gaze you always catch, then she smiles softly and looks away?

If it happens once, it must be a coincidence. But more frequently? There must be some kind of motive.


Another one is dropping compliments, especially with small changes. A co-worker who has a crush on you would notice when you get a new haircut, change your watch or even switch colognes.

Others might miss it, or see and keep quiet, but such compliments from a particular female co-worker is a big deal, especially when it’s frequent.

Loves Chit-Chat

When a woman likes you, it’s just normal that she wants to talk with you. After looking for avenues to be around you, what follows are conversations about anything and everything. At this point, she is really into you and wants to get to know you better.

She asks how you’re doing, wants to know what you’re working on, says hello frequently. All these mean she likes you, and she most probably wants to be more than just friends with you.


A female co-worker who likes you would like to get intimate with you. At first, it might only begin with light touching of your arms and proceed to more informal actions.

This usually happens outside the workplace. Also, as your relationship progresses, your conversations take a new turn.

She gets more comfortable talking about her family and might sneak in some secrets when you speak. You must be a lucky man then. When you guys talk, watch out for those subtle signs and sexual innuendos.


The workplace is too formal and may not be comfortable to hold informal conversations. So a female co-worker that likes you would most likely schedule meetings outside the office so you guys can have proper fun.

It’s not unusual for her to invite you to lunch and dinner frequently. It’s a sign she likes you.

Buys You Stuff

A female co-worker that likes you would buy you stuff to show her feelings. It begins with dropping by your office to hand you a cup of coffee, and maybe a sandwich and escalates as time goes on.

Further gifts may include office supplies such as pens and notebooks and personal effects like fragrances. It’s even better if a small note accompanies each present.

She Has You In Mind

A female co-worker that likes you would think and daydream about you often. But how can you tell this? Easy. Most adults don’t remember each other’s birthdays or even themselves’.

So if she remembers your birthday, then that counts as something. Apart from birthdays, you might also notice she pays special attention to you and remembers what you like such as your favorite TV shows, movies, books, cologne, foods, etc.

Also, you know she likes you if she worries when you both have not met or talked for some time. For example, if you’re off work for even a day, she calls, or also drops by your residence, to ask what is wrong. If she worries and cares about you, then, she likes you.

Co-workers’ Gossip

Co-workers almost always notice when two workers like themselves. When two, three other colleagues tell you that they think a particular person wants you, they must have seen or heard something, and you should pay attention.

Besides, the co-worker in question might have told some confidants in the office at some point. Even if you would miss other signs, you should not miss this one.

These signs look very much like what a female friend can do. Notwithstanding, they are excellent signs to know or to give ideas if a female coworker likes you. All of these happening at the same time can not be a coincidence; what are the odds?

If you can’t be with her for some reasons (maybe you’re seeing someone else), thank her and politely tell her you’re not comfortable with that much attention and would rather keep your relationship with her friendly but formal.

Do not make the mistake of just cutting her shut abruptly or blowing her off. It never ends well, and it is not good for your working relationship with her. But if you are ‘open to offers’ too, you can play along and let things fall into place. Cheers!



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