15 Pool Noodle Hacks To Make Things Easier And Prettier

We are used to getting specific items for specific purposes. As a result, we end up having many items we rarely or never use. Often we don’t even realize that we already have plenty of things around the house that can be used in many other ways than their original purpose.

Case in point, the humble pool noodle. Available everywhere and very affordable, as pool owners know, and you can use pool noodle for far more than just at the pool. We made this list to show you some of them.

Some of these pool noodle hacks might already be known to you, but some might surprise you, and you can always check out our other post of how to make safe toys for your kids with the same item. So, let’s start the life hacks.

1. Pool Noodle Instead Of Hose

pool noodle water lilthisnthat.blogspot
Photo: lilthisnthat.blogspot.com

You can’t say you’ve cleaned your house completely without taking out the old bucket and mop. Filling the bucket with water from the sink can be sometimes tricky. If you don’t want to take out the hose, grab a pool noodle and it will serve the same purpose.

2. Glass Markers

pool noodle drink marker premeditatedleftovers
Photo: premeditatedleftovers.com

Drink markers are a nifty little item to have when you host large parties since it helps guests keep track of their glasses. You don’t have to actually buy them since there are many ways to DIY them, and here is one more way to do so, by cutting up pool noodles in narrow pieces. You can use different colors and shapes, or use one and just pencil in some shapes or names to tell them apart. Easy, right?

3. Napkin Rings

pool noodle napkin ring sewmanyways.blogspot.
Photo: sewmanyways.blogspot.com

Much in the same way you can make the drink markers, and for pretty much the same occasion, cut pool noodles will make great napkin rings. And you don’t have to worry about them damaging or getting lost. You can always make more.

4. Wine Bottle Protector

pool noodle bottle protectors instructables.
Photo: instructables.com

This one will be a great life, or should we say, wine saver for picnics or when you just need a safe way to transport more than one bottle of wine. By making a spiral cut on a pool noodle you have an instant and very effective bottle protectors.

5. Boot Insert

pool noodle boot inserts vivaveltoro
Photo: vivaveltoro.com

Most women who love knee-high boots probably know or at least heard of this use for a pool noodle: boot inset. It’s a great way to keep your favorite boots from crinkling and getting all twisted and basically ruined. And they’re much better for organizing when they’re upright, too.

6. Car Door Protector

pool noodle adults car protector carsales
Photo: carsales.com.au

Car door bumps on your garage wall whenever you open it? Then get a smaller car or build a bigger garage. Or you can go the easier route and just secure half a pool noodle leveled with your car door and spare your car from unwanted scratches.

7. Floating Cooler/Tray

pool noodle floating cooler 947wls
Photo: 947wls.com

Pool noodles are meant to be used for helping you float in the pool. This hack is the closest to using pool noodles as they were intended. instead of helping people float it helps your beverages float alongside you in the pool, so you don’t have to get out when you get thirsty. A floating pool tray, everyone has to have one.

8. Trampoline Spring Protector

pool noodle tramboline safety athriftymom.
Photo: athriftymom.com

Trampolines are good for exercising and loads of fun for the kids. If you have one and some younger kids, that trampoline needs to be made safer for use. A net guard around it is a good start, but the springs can be dangerous too. Cover them with pool noodles and let your kids have fun.

9. No-Crease Hanger/Clothes Line

pool noodle no creasehanger caravanningwithkids.
Photo: caravanningwithkids.com.au

A clothesline or hanger creases are the worst and they bug us the most when we’re in a hurry we expect to take out crease-free clothing from the hanger only to see that line. Never let it happen again by pitting a pool noodle on your clothing like or hangers. The clothes will just roll off them nice and neat and ready to wear.

10. Drawer Organizer Buffer

pool noodle drawer storage familyhandyman
Photo: familyhandyman.com

Is your drawer organizer smaller than your drawer and whenever you open or close it the whole thing just bumps around inside? Protect your drawer by cutting a piece of pool noodle as big as the gap between the drawer organizer and the drawer and you have a buffer for that rattling and the annoyance that comes with it.

11. Sharp Corner Protector

pool noodle shar edge protector instructables
Photo: instructables.com

Once babies come into our lives and make their first steps we start noticing all the dangerous furniture around the house we thought was so modern and lovely when we bought it. You don’t have to replace any of your sharp-edged pointy furniture. Just cover it with some pool noodles and your baby will be well protected until it’s old enough to not bump into things.

12. Glass Holder

pool noodle wine glass holder myrnamackenzieauthor
Photo: myrnamackenzieauthor.com

Wall mounted glass holders are very practical to have and pool noodles can be used in much the same way. You might not want them for your kitchen, but would be nice for a mobile home or a replacement while you get some new ones.

13. Padded Homemade Weights

pool noodle binge weights fringesport
Photo: fringesport.com

Thinking about creating your own home gym? You can make your own weights instead of buying them and your pool noodles will make excellent padding for them.

14. Decorative Nautical Pilings 

pool noodle decorative piling misskopykat.blogspot
Photo: misskopykat.blogspot.com

Nautical decor gives out a warm beachy feel to the home. While you might be able to find original nautical pilings at a store, getting them in just the right size can be tricky, so this is a nice way to get this decor piece done with some wood-pattern adhesive paper.

15. Faux Stone Column 

pool noodle faux stone column epbot
Photo: epbot.com

While you might be able to find and buy real pilings like in the previous projects, finding and getting a stone carved column for your living room might be a bit more difficult and they cost a lot. Luckily, with some time and effort, you can make a very real-looking stone pillar from a form tube, contact cement, wood pilings and of course pool noodles you can make yourself this lovely stone column for a fraction of the actual price.

That’s all the pool noodle life hacks and projects we have for now. We hope you’ll like and share this article and maybe even try out some of the projects we’ve suggested. Have fun on we’ll love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments.



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