Custom Removable Floor Decals – Some Basic Information When Considering Them

Floor stickers or as they are known by another name – decals has been a thing of trending styles for as long as time itself. They may have looked different back in the day but as the notion gets newer ideas and more demand, they have changed from a one-size-fits-all to the more customized versions of them.

Also known as floor graphics, these decals are as universal as most commercial or residential décor items. They can be temporary or permanent and come in the format of a sticker. The majority of people who are into the idea usually get them tailored to fit their homes or their businesses. If you’re not familiar with the idea, click here to read up on it.

One of the more popular types comprises the laminated kind created from a vinyl material that can be stuck or applied to most floor types and flat surfaces.These options are usually made from heavy-duty material because they get stepped on a lot.

Popular Places Where Floor Decals Can Work

If you’re looking for a graphic or a text to add some pizazz to your floor space, the custom decals are the way to go. They are sturdy, and can be stepped on and will not wither or get damaged. Typically created to be slip-resistant, permanent or semi-permanent and waterproof, these can be added many types of spaces including:

  • Schools
  • Playgrounds
  • Basketball courts
  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Factories and outlets
  • Warehouses
  • Homes
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms

And more. You can get creative with this concept of stickers and decals and if you run out of ideas, this website has 50 different options for you to choose from

When we walk into a shop store or any type of building, our eyes would naturally fall to the floor and by adding something to look at, that will bring value to the area, and you can enhance your organization’s appeal and promote it in more ways than one. Many places use these sticker graphics to their advantage by getting customized stickers printed with their company logos, directions, mottos, and even images of mascots for schools and educational institutions.

There is no better way than to add some information to promote your brand identity than by using these types of ideas. It shows initiative and can also be used for helpful purposes. For instance, in factories and warehouses, they can be used for instructions and to make workers aware of hazardous areas or machinery before they enter those zones.

Another great example of using these are in grocery and department stores to indicate to its customers where the different sections of the produce and goods are kept. They can additionally be used to indicate entrances and exits in any company or environment. These all-round helpful options are sturdy enough to withstand foot traffic and informative enough to give crucial information to the onlooker.

Quick Installing and Removal of Decals

For some, the idea of custom floor decals may not be something they need to hire someone to implement for their areas. In this case, there is also an option of doing it yourself (DIY) and making a day out of it. But because these can sometimes be large and may need more than one person to install them or remove them. We have some tips foryou below:

First things first. You need to prep the area you are planning on working on. This entails cleaning it properly, making sure there is no oil or grease or any debris on it. If you do not do this part of the equation properly, you risk the sticker coming off or getting damaged quicker.

To do this, you need the right equipment, which may include some floor cleaner such as soap or gel cleaners, ideally in a spray bottle to make it easier to wipe off. Clean the surface with this, then wipe it and make sure it is completely dry. Most often than not, there should be instructions on the piece itself straight from the manufacturer which would make things much simpler for you.

The second step is installing it. Once you have cleared and cleaned the floor of any alien particles, you can begin to separate the sticker part from the holding and upon deciding where it goes, gently place it on the designated area and use a squeegee to flatten it and remove any airbubbles inside. 

Typically the stronger the adhesive, the longer it will stay put. If there are holes or crooks on the floor, makesure to either fill them in a day before you plan your DIY project or stick it in a different area. Once the decal is placed and stuck properly on the floor, makes sure to leave it untouched for atleast 24 hours before anyone steps on it or touches it. This will ensure the job is done right! There you have it, your very own design placed right infront of your customers or the public’s eye. Last but not the least, choose bright colors so people don’t miss it.



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