Dreaming Of Old Friends – How Much Do You Miss Them?

It is common to dream about people who are not in our life. Friends, family members, colleagues, the list goes on. Every now and then, we dream about friends we haven’t seen for a long time. And it gets you wondering. Why this dream right now? Should I call? Should I pay a visit? What is the protocol? Did you two go in different ways? Or? Well, let’s talk about the dream interpretation.

You can interpret dreams in many different ways. But the thing you need to remember is that everything and everyone in your dreams represent something. Objects and subjects in dreams represent some area of our lives we need to shift focus.

In that regard, dreaming of old friends represents a part of your personality. You probably had something in common, and now you are in a situation where you could use that advice.

When you dream about other people, you gain a better understanding of yourself and your behavior. So, do you know anything you need to work through and address in your life?

Biblical meaning

Let’s start with the biblical meaning of your dream. When you dream of friends, it represents a quality in yourself based on the honest feeling about them. Try to remind yourself. What kind of memories and feelings did you share? How does that apply to your current state of mind?

Another explanation is the current projection of that person based on the situation in your current life. These dreams also represent beliefs and situations that make you feel good. Or they can help you in some way.

Think of these dreams as supportive and co-operative aspects of your life. But if you dream about a friend dying, it is a representation of negative emotions about an impending change. Dreaming of dead friends reflects a quality that stands out.

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General meaning

Let’s talk about the general meaning. Usually, when you see friends from your childhood, it shows your current state. You get overwhelmed and overworked. And you need to change something.

Often dreams about friends represent a desire to act irresponsible and have more fun. They are a reminder of the funny and carefree days. But the relationship with that friend is also important. How close were you? Did you lose touch? Do you miss them?

In your dream, you can reunite with an old friend, hang out, call a friend, yell at an old friend, or just wanting to see him/her.

Different meanings

A reminder of a past relationship

Think about the emotions and memories you have with the person in your dream. Did you have a positive or negative experience?

Depending on the experience you had with that person, you can apply it to a person in your current life. For example, if you had a friend who acted angrily, it might fit the description of someone with similar traits now.

Another question, did those feelings resurfaced lately? Maybe you admire or reject some of the characteristics of that friend. And you see them within yourself.

Your friend in your dream shows you how to uncover something about yourself you are not aware of.

Taking step back

Sometimes, when you see an old friend in your dreams, it represents a regression in your current life. You take a step backward at the moment. Sometimes, that might present a good opportunity. For example, if you are acting too serious at the moment, and you need a reminder of your carefree days.

The dream might show you want to go back to basics and enjoy life. Does the dream involve some party or joyous occasion?

Yelling to friends

Do you have a dream of yelling at a friend, or someone yelling at you? It is a sign some of your friends may contact you soon.

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Dreaming about acquaintances

You were not friends with all the people from your past life. Sometimes you dream about people you didn’t have a friendship with. If that is the case, that is a sign to try and improve your social life. Start making more friends. Try some networking events.

Another explanation is that you need a vacation or more fun in your life. Or, you do not feel like you have someone to talk to at the moment.

Positive memories

Did the dream leave you with a smile on your face? That is a signal that you cherish the moments you spent with that friend. You know he/she means a lot to you. And therefore, you might need to reconnect again. Keep your ego aside and try to connect again.

Negative experience

On the flip side, if the dream makes you feel unpleasant, it is a sign you got upset with that friend. He/she has done or said something to you. And you didn’t expect it. At the time, you felt betrayed and overwhelmed. The dream is a reminder that the wounds didn’t heal. They are fresh.

If that is the case, you are not ready to forgive. The dream might also suggest you regret hurting your friend.

Unfinished business

Think about the friend in your dream. Do you have repressed memories or unfinished business? Do you want to rekindle the past? What caused the separation? Do you want to contact that friend?

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Hugging friends

We finish off on a positive note. When you hug your friend in your dreams, it is a signal that reflects your past connection. A similar connection occurred lately in your life, and it reminds you of your friend.

Different friends in your dreams

We talked about symbolic meaning of dreaming of old friends. But let’s get to the specifics. We take a look at explanations by Sigmund Freud, a professional dream analyst.

Childhood friends

When you dream of a childhood friend, it can be both a good sign and a bad sign. It depends on the perspective you have of each childhood friend. For example, if you had a good time with them, it is a good sign of positive things happening to you. If not, it can bring negative emotions to your everyday life.

Old school friends

Now let’s talk about what does it mean when you see an old school friend in your dream? Well, it is a message from your subconscious mind. It reflects something new that is bringing you back to the time of your past.

Maybe you will interact with something new, yet remember something from your past. Classmates represent interpersonal relationship in your dream. When you dream of an old school friend, it might be a sign of having a problem in interpersonal relationships in your real life.

Dead friends

Nobody wants to see a dead friend in his/her dreams, right? Well, there is a simple explanation for this dream analysis. Seeing a dead friend is a sign you miss that particular friend.

Yet, it also might be a sign of unresolved conflicts between you and that deceased friend.



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