Dreams About Boats – What is the Interpretation?

Boats refer to a journey. You can think of a spiritual journey or a traveling journey. But in any case, dreaming about boats signal new possibilities in the near future. They can also symbolize how you cope with emotions.

Any dream with boats provides insight into your subconscious mind. But you also have to consider the other elements of the dream. Look at the condition of the boat, the type of the boat, and the scenario of your dream.

Some dreams include seeing a ship, traveling on a ship, sailing in a boat, waving to a boat, and many more.

Because boat dreams have different meanings, we will try and take a look at the most popular and common ones. Often, these dreams symbolize our connection with our emotions.

General Meaning of Dreams about Boats

Boats are a way of transport. So, when you dream of boats, you dream of transport. Generally speaking, boats speak of our intuition about navigation. How do you want to get to a specific place? What will it take to get there? How about obstacles on the way?

Boats and water work as yin and yang. Each one depends on the other.

With that in mind, here are some common boat dream meaning interpretations:

  • Desire for change in your personal life
  • Longing for adventure
  • You need to slow down
  • There is emotional baggage and resentment in your waking life
  • Sign of doubt, fear, and indecision
  • Commitment aversion
  • Fear of taking on too much

Biblical Meaning of Boats in Dreams

In a spiritual meaning, dreams of boats are a positive thing. Boats represent a positive symbol. It is a sign you are going to enter a new relationship. A small boat indicates quick progression, and sometimes a sign of a sexual affair.

Boats represent your ability to cope with negative emotions. As boats are a sign of our emotions, they can come in a negative or positive aspect.

When you dream of boats, think about the condition of the waters. They mirror your life. Do you see calm water? Or violent water? How about clarity, is it clear or murky?

Whenever you try to interpret dreams, think about your personal experience. Do you love boats? If you answer yes, a dream about one can serve as a positive and fun experience. But if you have fear and anxiety about boats, the dream is a sign of other fears in your personal life.

Different Meanings

Dreaming of a sailboat

If you dream of sailing on a boat, it indicates your changeable nature. You can adjust and change quickly. Maybe you get bored easily. And this applies specifically to romantic relationships. You probably change partners often.

Take it as a warning. If you want to stay in a relationship, stop jumping ships and changing partners.

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Smooth boat sail

Smooth both sail is a positive sign. Look at it as an indication of new beginnings. For example, a new project. Or a beginning of a new relationship. It is a sign of slow and steady movement forward.

Sailing against the current

When you sail against the current, take it as a sign of problems and difficulties in the near future. You can expect a tough period in your life. And you will have to overcome stress and anxiousness.

What does a small boat mean?

There are different dreams about boats. A small boat dream is a positive dream symbol. In this case, it is a sign you are going to enter a new relationship. This relationship can be romantic and intimate, and could involve dating that will evolve slowly.

If that small ship is bobbing on the waves, it is a sign of quicker progression and a start of a sexual affair.

What does a large boat mean?

When you are sailing on a large boat in your dream, there is an absence of assistance in your life according to dream dictionary.

The dream is a representation of some difficulties in your current situation. You might also be in the middle of dilemma and a problem

Sailing in the fast current

This is another bad sign. It indicates difficulties, but you do not have anyone to rely on. Nobody to help you. You will have to fight the battle alone.

In the open sea on a boat

When you find yourself in the open sea on a boat, it is a bad sign. The dream indicates endings and separations. Usually, that means an end of a close friendship.

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Driving a boat on a lovely day

Finally, some good signs. Take it as a symbol of a peaceful and harmonious home and family life. You will finally get some break.

On a boat with others

Who are the people on the boat with you? Friends? Family members? In any case, it is a good sign. You will receive pleasant and favorable news.

But it is also a sign of significant changes in the near future. For example, you might relocate your home.

Boat full of water

Usually, a boat full of water is a bad sign. But that applies in real life. In your dream, this scenario is a good sign. It indicates gains and prosperity. In most cases, that applies to financial decisions and profitable investments.

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Sinking boat

If your boats sank in your dream, it means you have too much on your plate. You got overwhelmed with problems. And you cannot get out easily. It is also a sign of negative emotions.

Boat leaving the shore

This dream is a signal you are not happy about something happening in your life. You feel disappointed. It is also a sign of your inability to finish projects on time.

Sleeping on a boat

This dream indicates a difficult period ahead. For example, you might experience an accident. Or you might lose something important in your life. But it is also a sign of losing something you do not appreciate enough. As often in life, we do not care about things until we lose them.

Boat in shallow water

When your boat is in shallow water, you cannot sail. It is a clear sign of problems and difficulties ahead. You will lose control in certain areas of your life.

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Types of Boats

There are many different boats. And depending on the boat, the interpretation of your dream is different. Let’s take a quick look.

  • Canoe means you are not afraid of hard work.
  • Cruise ship symbolizes your wish-fulfillment dream.
  • Ferries show your fear and unwillingness to commit or you take too much at once.
  • Fishing boats mean “fishing for something in your waking life”.
  • Kayak signalizes an adventurous type and your need for a new adventure or some experience.
  • Sailboats are a symbol of beauty and grace in your life or coasting through something easily.
  • Tug boat symbolizes your feeling of “tugged around”.
  • Yacht shows you are free from worry. You enjoy yourself in life.



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