Making Healthy Choices Easier

We’re all on a collective mission, and it seems – to live longer, healthier, more sustainable lives. We are simultaneously bombarded with advertisements for things we don’t need that we know aren’t beneficial for us while at the same time being bombarded with how we need to do more for ourselves, our communities, and the environment. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to make the right choices because they aren’t always the easiest (or most affordable) to make. Here’s a list of ways you can make healthier, sustainable choices in your day-to-day lives and do it with ease.

Closet Consultation

One of the quickest and easiest ways to see your environmental impact is to have a minor consultation with the contents of your closets. Did you know that most people utilize less than twenty percent of the clothing items that they own? You know the drill – you go to get dressed, and you always pick up your old faithful. The pieces are most flattering, most comfortable, and most sentimental. What remains? Clutter. By donating these unused items, not only are you giving a leg up to people in need shopping second hand (even better if you contribute to a shelter where they’ll be given for free), you’re also reducing your environmental impact by not purchasing more clothing and accessories you know you’re not going to need.

Another area of your wardrobe to look out for is its sustainability. What is the fabric content of your clothing and undergarments? Simply swapping out blended fabrics containing (gasp) plastics for bamboo boxer briefs in your husband’s underwear drawer makes a massive impact. Not only that, they’re more comfortable for him and keep you cool and luxurious. So, audit your clothing, and when moving forward with purchases, be conscious of what you bring into your home.

Mental Health Check

We all know that the modern society we live in brings with it a lot more stress than some generations before we had to deal with. These days, it seems like whether you’re single or a family of four, you are being pulled in so many different directions. That is why it’s so essential to make the healthy choice of taking the initiative when it comes to your mental health. You don’t have to jump straight into therapy or see a psychiatrist if you want to take a more holistic approach. Using natural supplements like CBD do wonders for your stress levels and may be all you need to feel like you can get through the day without needing a glass of wine (or two) before bedtime.

Prioritize Sleep

What does your sleep schedule look like? This is something quick and straightforward to evaluate and react to. We all have heard time and time again how important and essential it is to reach for that elusive eight hours every night, but in order to stay healthy, we actually need to prioritize it. So, do what you need to do to guard your sleep. Turn off devices (at minimum) one hour before you’re planning on sleep. Use aromatherapy like lavender and sip relaxing teas – think chamomile. If this type of routine seems far out to you, it won’t after just a couple of days of commitment to it. Not only will you get more restful sleep implementing these quick and easy habits, but your day-to-day choices of staying healthy and mindful also come more manageable when you’re well-rested. Not to mention it helps keep your immune system in top functioning order.

Diet and Exercise

Again, we all know the importance of maintaining healthy body weight and moving our bodies, but all too often, we let it fall by the wayside or swear we’ll start working on it tomorrow, next week, next month. The reality is, there is always going to be something we can perceive as standing in our way to accomplishing our health goals, so the easiest thing you can do is start today or set a start date and commit.

The bottom line – when you want to make your life more healthy, and you want it to come quickly – commit 100%. Whether you succeed or have minor setbacks along the way, if you went all in, you won’t feel guilt or have the “what if’s” about not succeeding at first. And if that’s the case, keep trying—day by day, building on healthier choices.



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