Other Ways to Take CBD

CBD oil is a popular product, and for good reason. This natural compound shows promise in safely and effectively reducing pain and inflammation, quelling stress and anxiety and otherwise providing mild but impactful effects without any major consequences. Even better, you can find CBD oil almost anywhere, and it is easy to dose with oil either by administering it under your tongue or mixing it into food and drink.

Yet, oil isn’t the only form that CBD can take. If you are looking for alternatives to CBD oil as a way to dose with this miraculous compound, you might consider the following effective CBD products:


Topicals are products that are applied to the skin, as opposed to ingested or inhaled. When used in this manner, CBD doesn’t seep into the bloodstream in the same high quantities, which means it typically doesn’t provide all-over effects, like stress reduction or full-body relaxation. Instead, topicals offer targeted effects to the skin and surrounding tissues. Topicals can be used to treat skin conditions as well as inflammation of muscles and connective tissues. CBD topicals can take many forms, from heavy creams and balms to light serums and lotions, and many include other useful compounds, like menthol or capsaicin, to add extra healing effects.


Colloquially known as patches, transdermals are like stickers imbued with CBD that adhere to the skin. Unlike topicals, which barely penetrate the skin to deliver effects, transdermals deliver CBD through the skin and into the bloodstream, which means they can have all-over effects. Transdermals offer a convenient way to receive a consistent dose of CBD over a long period of time without bothering with re-administration. Usually, one transdermal patch will last between eight and 12 hours, which might be a perfect solution if you travel, work long hours or otherwise can’t fuss with other CBD products.


You could smoke cannabis in a joint or pipe to inhale CBD — but you will almost certainly get a big dose of THC, too. A cleaner solution is to vape CBD because eliquids and vape juices typically filter out all (or almost all) THC and other cannabinoids you might not want in your system. Vaping allows CBD to be absorbed through your respiratory system, which is the fastest way to get CBD into your blood to allow you to benefit from the compound’s effects. Plus, you can find a number of flavored CBD vape liquids, to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Vaping CBD is safe, as long as you invest in quality vape products. You should never buy or use a CBD vape liquid that smells strange, has debris floating inside or lacks appropriate packaging, like details on CBD concentration and company contact info.


You can take CBD in capsule form, just like any other medication or supplement. CBD capsules are convenient for travel or for getting in the habit of taking CBD regularly. What’s more, capsules are discreet, so they could be a good option if you hope to hide your CBD consumption. However, because capsules are ingested — swallowed and absorbed through the digestive system — they will take some time to provide effects.


Edibles are food or drink imbued with CBD. Thanks to CBD’s popularity there is a wealth of pre-made edible options available to you, from sweets like gummies and chocolates to chips, popcorn, sparkling water, various sodas, teas and more. If gummies sound like your kind of thing, you may find this beginner’s guide to shopping CBD gummies useful to help you learn more about what is on the market, and pick the perfect product for you. If pre-made edibles aren’t interesting, you can create your own edibles at home by adding CBD products like oils or tinctures to meals and beverages. As with capsules, the downside to edibles is that they require CBD to be absorbed by your digestive system, which isn’t as efficient as other systems at taking in CBD. As a result, you might need to increase your dose or be patient with the reduced effects from this method of CBD use.

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CBD oil is great, but it isn’t your only option for getting CBD into your system. If you are tired of CBD oil and looking for another way to get the CBD you crave, you should consider trying topicals, transdermals, vapes, capsules or edibles. Surely, one of these solutions will suit your lifestyle perfectly.



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