How To Properly Straighten Your Hair

Curly hair has been popular for many years, although in the past creating curls was seen as better than natural curls. Today it is found, accepted, and popular in all societies. But, while curly hair can look fantastic sometimes you just want to go straight!

The good news is that anyone can have straight hair, you just need to know how to straighten it properly. 

Use Protection Spray

If you check with the best suppliers of hair products, such as Oz Hair & Beauty, you’ll find a selection of heat protection sprays designed to be used with your hair type. As you’re about to straighten your hair it’s a very good idea to invest in a protection spray. Applying heat to hair sucks moisture from the hair and the oil protecting it. This can leave you with dry, limp, and lifeless hair. It is also likely to be brittle and easily broken. 

The heat protection spray prevents this from happening, allowing you to straighten your hair and still have it looking shiny and healthy. 

Wash First

It is advisable to wash your hair before straightening it. Again, you need to use a product designed for your hair type and one that uses natural ingredients. This will ensure you don’t damage your hair as you remove all pollutants. 

When you shampoo and condition your hair it’s best to start at the ends and work your way toward the roots, this reduces the likelihood of tangles or stripping the oil from your hair.

You should also use lukewarm water.

Use A Microfibre Towel

Your hair is weakest when it’s wet. It’s heavier and the cuticles are open, potentially allowing more moisture and nutrients to escape. That’s why you need to be gentle when drying. The best approach is a microfibre towel that you can wrap around your hair and leave to absorb excess moisture. Rubbing wet hair is more likely to damage and tangle it.

Brush It

To ensure you don’t have any tangles in your hair you’ll want to brush it first. You should always hold your hair near the roots while brushing below your hand. This reduces the strain on the roots. 

Dry It

You can now get the hair dryer out and spray the heat protection spray on your hair. You’ll want to put the hair dryer on the lowest possible heat setting to reduce the likelihood of damaging your hair. Then, separate your hair into four sections and work on one at a time. Use a round brush to pull the hair gently away from your head as you dry. This will help to straighten it.


Once you’ve dried your hair separate it back into the four sections and take a section in your straighteners. You’ll quickly get used to how much is enough and how much is too much hair. Glide the straighteners slowly through your hair but keep them moving. 

Continue with the other sections and then step back to admire your straight hair. 



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