The 7 Best Men’s Colognes for Spring 2023

Whether you’re a man with a full rotation of fragrances that you swap out based on the season, your mood, or what you’re wearing that day for a job interview – this year, specifically during spring, it is a great time to switch things up. Spring represents renewal and life in bloom, so your cologne should reflect the same things. If you’re looking for a new cologne for yourself or as a gift for a man in your life, keep reading for the best men’s cologne for spring 2023.

Beau De Jour by Tom Ford

One of the most iconic fragrance designers for men is, without a doubt, Tom Ford, and nothing says spring like lavender which is the basis for Bea De Jour from Tom Ford. While this cologne has plenty of masculine notes like moss and leather, the floral notes of lavender make it the perfect addition to your spring cologne repertoire. Beau De Jour could make the perfect addition to an Easter basket.

Dior Homme by Dior

Who says that powdery notes are for women’s perfume only? Dior Homme by Dior is laced with powdery iris and heavy woodsy scents, too, which make it perfect as we head out of winter into spring. Dior Homme is the perfect balancing act between masculine and feminine, and with unisex scents gaining popularity, this is a perfect fit for anyone. Dior has a cult following, and this cologne will surely gain one in 2023.

Versace Eros by Versace

Another fashion house that has been setting trends since 1978 is Versace, and they’re known for far more than their clothing – their perfumes and colognes are second to none. Versace Eros cologne is perfect for spring, as its main notes are apple, citrus, and lemon. The deep minor notes of sandalwood, vanilla, leather, and patchouli infuse masculinity perfectly. This fragrance can be worn year-round, so if you only invest in one cologne this spring season, this should be it.

Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani

For many people, one of their favorite parts about springtime rolling around is giving their home and their lifestyles a thorough deep cleaning, and they associate this time of year with cleanliness. One of the cleanest scents on the market is Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani. This cologne has been around since the mid-nineties and isn’t going anywhere – it’s full of salty seawater, citrus notes, and a woody base that adds some musk to its scent. It screams spring.

Platinum Egoiste by Chanel

One of the top spring fragrances for men this year is easily Platinum Egoiste by Chanel. This iconic cologne has been a top seller for nearly two decades since its release. Not only does it boast a fresh and clean scent, but it’s also bold and with geranium, amber, and rosemary. This minimalist bottle fits the aesthetic of any room or dressing table and is a must-have if you’re a cologne connoisseur.

Toy Boy by Moschino

Is your guy a big loveable teddy bear? This year, give him the gift of an actual teddy bear bottle filled with a delectable spring scent. Or buy Toy Boy for yourself! Its deep rose scent is the perfect amount of floral for springtime, but it’s balanced perfectly with a complex musk. The sleek black bottle with silver lettering exudes healthy masculinity, and its notes of clove, pepper, nutmeg, and amber pair perfectly with the cleanliness of Haitian vetiver.

Pour Homme Intenso – Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is known for keeping things spicy; this intense cologne is no exception. It has plenty of clean watery notes, basil, lavender geranium, and marigold. But its base notes are what make it a showstopper with sandalwood, musk, amber, and cypress; there are even hints of tobacco and sage in this formulation. This is a beautiful twist on clean spring scents, and if you or your guy like shaking things up, Pour Homme Intenso is worth considering.

You switch up your style in spring by storing your old sweaters and heavy coats and unpacking your lighter layers, so why not do the same thing regarding your fragrance? By choosing one or several of the colognes mentioned above, you’ll have a fresh spring in your step this season and always put your best foot forward!



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