How To Maintain the Results of Your Plastic Surgery

Undergoing a plastic surgery procedure can be a big move that requires considerable time and money. You want it to go as smoothly as possible. You’d also like your surgery results to last for years after the operation.

Although some changes to your appearance are inevitable after plastic surgery, you can take the steps below to maintain your results. They can help you feel and look healthy and young after your cosmetic procedure.

Eat Healthy and Exercise

Cosmetic surgeries, especially body-contouring procedures, can change your body’s curves, giving them a more proportionate and pleasing look. While this may seem magical, the results can only last if you maintain a healthy weight.

For instance, if you underwent liposuction, the procedure will permanently eliminate certain fat cells. But if you gain weight, your remaining fat cells may expand.

Suppose you had a surgical lifting procedure, such as a body lift or tummy tuck. In that case, you want to avoid stretching your skin, as this nullifies the results of your operation.

To maintain the results of your body contouring surgery, you must exercise regularly. You should also have a well-balanced diet.

Living a healthy lifestyle will not only prolong the positive results of your plastic surgery. It will also help improve your overall health.

Sleep Right

Not sleeping right contributes to elevated cortisol levels. With more cortisol in the body, leptin and insulin resistance occurs. This occurrence transforms the body into a human fat storage machine, as leptin and insulin are fat-regulating hormones.

Getting seven to eight hours of deep and restful sleep each night will boost your physical and mental well-being. It will also support your fat cells’ responsiveness to hormones.

So make sure to sleep well, and your body will thank you.

Try Non-Surgical Beauty Procedures

After a blepharoplasty procedure or an eyelid surgery, you may still see and feel the effects of aging on your skin and body. No amount of exercise, healthy eating, meditation, or habit conditioning will stop the aging process in its tracks. However, there are non-surgical procedures that can help you extend the results of your plastic surgery.

Hydrafacial, laser skin treatments, and other non-surgical maintenance methods can enhance and extend cosmetic surgery results. You can try these if you want to try different solutions to help maintain your post-surgery face, skin, or body.

Take Care of Your Skin

Immediately after a cosmetic procedure, proper care can make a big difference in scarring. Following the right ways to take care of your skin after surgery ensures that you will still look good years after.

While your doctor will try to hide incisions and ensure they will heal nicely, scarring is a normal aspect of surgeries.

To ensure that your wound will heal with minimal scarring, you want to follow postoperative rules, which can help you avoid straining your stitches. You must protect your wound from the sun, use scar care ointments, and keep the cut clean.

Later, you can use medical-grade skin care products to help maintain your cosmetic surgery results. There are even products designed to maintain the results of facial procedures.

Good skin care is crucial, and many surgeons even have an aesthetician on staff who can help their patients choose the most suitable products for their skin.

If you already have an existing skincare routine, it may be best to let your doctor know about your products. That way, you will learn if you should change anything.

These are simple yet effective ways to help maintain the results of your plastic surgery years after the procedure. Remember that feeling and looking young takes work, so do your best to live a healthier lifestyle after going under the knife.



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