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It’s a nerve wracking moment, and there’s nothing else to describe it better. Entering a room designated for an exam you’re taking not knowing what to expect on your paper is the event prior to exactly two possible results: you getting a passing score and you flunking the exam.

Others exit the room with a big smile on their faces as if they weren’t given the same paper that you received. Acing the exam is doable and a lot of people can attest to that. Now, how can YOU do it? 


1. Don’t Do it Yourself


Contrary to what one of the leading sports brands says, you should never, if possible… prepare alone.

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Students do this to ace their exams. 

Group studies are essential for your triumphant success, but what’s behind this tip’s effectiveness? 

First of all, studying with others will allow you to brainstorm on ideas or concepts that have been vague to you before. You’ll get to absorb their “intelligence,” if there’s such a thing. In other words, you’ll learn better when you learn from others.

One more thing that makes this an enjoyable and effective way to study is the company.

Studying for any exam is stressful, especially important exams such as entrance examinations and college finals. With the support of others, you’re most likely going to end up enjoying the preparation rather than stressing about it. Just be careful with how much dosage of enjoyment you inject into your review. 

Lastly, studying as a group will allow you to be a teacher. Another effective way of learning is teaching. Being able to repeat to yourself the information that you need on the exam will keep your mind active and increase your familiarity to the subject.


2. Pick the Best Time to Take the Exam


The results you’re getting largely rely on what time you’re taking the exam, so decide wisely.

When is the best time to take the exam?

Most of the times, exams are given fixed schedules, only changeable given acceptable circumstances. However, there are also exams that take place twice or thrice in a year.

For example, you are a prospective medical school student, make sure to plan when to take the MCAT and how much preparation do you need. This will help you fix your review schedules for the different subjects included in the exam.

The exam is given 2-6 times per month from January to September and held on Fridays and Saturdays. Make sure that you check out the exam calendar and get yourself acquainted with the best times wherein you can take the exam.


3. Make Use of Review Books


Regardless of what exam you’re taking, surely, there are books out there made just for you – digital or printed. 

Make use of these review books to save time. 

Time is one of your most important resources when preparing for an exam. These books do one thing that makes them very helpful to takers: they are profitable summaries. 

Studying for an exam using two to five books or more is a great hassle that can affect your productivity. Now, having all these books summed up in one material will allow you to focus more on studying and less on finding sources of information.


4. Participate in Lectures


Find interest in your subjects and find yourself immersed during your lectures. If you listen with the yearning to learn the subject by heart, you’ll find it easier to retain information in your brain. 

Wake yourself up during “boring” lectures by participating in lectures. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Having a fruitful conversation with your professor or your classmates will make the subject more interesting for you and maybe even for your classmates. 

Love What You Do

There isn’t a better way to get better at something than loving it. If you’re doing something that you don’t like, expect to have your mind glued onto something else that tickles your curiosity. If this is the case, you better think about your life choices first. 

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