How to plan the best menu for your wedding?

Before planning the catering for your wedding, you have to consider the wedding venue and theme. After deciding on wedding style and reception, you should understand possible catering options. It will help you to make the best decision.

There is no need to stick to a specific style because you can choose a fusion of styles. Make sure to choose the best catering company for suitable arrangements for traditional and elegant weddings. In Canterbury and Christchurch, you can select The Bespoke Chef on your special day. Here are some tips for planning the best menu for your wedding.

Pick the Best Reception Style

Nowadays, you can choose the best reception style suitable for your wedding. Here are some options for you to suit your dreams.

Sit-down Dinner

If you need a traditional style, you can choose a sit-down dinner. A sit-down dinner is suitable for couples who need a traditional, neat and elegant wedding reception. It allows you to group ten guests around a table. It will enable you to group ten guests around a table. 

You may find it a good choice for grand weddings. For this style, you have to consider your budget and venue. Remember, plated dinners need extra staff and preparation to serve each dish.


If you want to offer a variety of beverages and food, choose buffet style. In this style, you can serve numerous dishes on long-sided tables. Seats are available in the middle for guests. It is appropriate for large gatherings. For this style, you have to consider wait staff, the quantity of food, floor planning and shelf life of the buffet.

Standing Party

At this party, food is served on long tables similar to a buffet. There is no need to arrange seats for guests. For a big party with lots of relatives and friends, you can choose a standing party. Remember, a standing party will give you extra room for a huge number of guests. You can organize food stalls for your guests.

Casual Dining

It is a non-formal reception where people can mingle and enjoy casually without particular arrangement. You can arrange this wedding in a close-knit group of family and friends. It is a suitable style if you want to organize a wedding in a barn, garden or backyard.

Wedding Menu

After choosing a wedding style, you have to select a suitable menu. It can be difficult to cater requirements and tastes of each guest personally. You can ask for packaged menus containing entrée, dessert, appetizers and drinks. 

For a huge gathering, you can mix different dishes. Make sure to arrange food in large quantities. You can have different meat dishes, including seafood, beef and chicken. Moreover, you should include some veggie dishes to entertain vegetarians.

You have to consider cocktail hour because it can impact your celebration. A heavy and long cocktail hour may define few courses. It is important to think about your wedding budget. Pay attention to setting and season because your guests will like to enjoy seasonal food. Make sure to get quotes from different catering companies to save money and choose the best package. 



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