How To Include Your Partner In The Pregnancy Experience

Is your partner feeling left out of the pregnancy experience? It’s not uncommon for moms-to-be to get all the attention. They also have an intimate connection with the baby before it’s ever born. Naturally, it can make your partner feel useless and even sad. While you can’t take turns carrying the baby to term, there are things you can do to ensure they share in this joyous moment with you. Continue reading for ideas.

Make A Big Announcement

One way to share the pregnancy spotlight with your partner is to announce the news to friends and family together. It gives everyone a chance to congratulate you both. Announcing a pregnancy is also a lot of fun. You guys can record a video, take a picture, send out an email, or make a post on social media to let everyone know the good news. Let your creativity run wild as you come up with themes, use props, and find cryptic yet cool ways to express your happiness with others.

Fetal Dopplers

Expectant mothers have a deep connection with their babies in the womb. They can often feel movement long before anyone else can witness the first kick. This bond only grows as the weeks fly by. One way you can share in this deep connection with your partner is to purchase a fetal doppler. It’s a portable device that enables families to listen to their baby’s heartbeat. The sweet and subtle sound of your baby’s heart can draw everyone closer together.

Prenatal Visits

Visiting the doctor is essential for a healthy pregnancy. Prenatal visits allow physicians to analyze the growth and development of the baby and the well-being of the mother. It’s ideal to visit several times throughout your pregnancy. Be that as it may, some visits are more special than others. If you want your partner to feel a connection to the baby and pregnancy, ensure that you invite them to hear the first heartbeat and to view the ultrasound.

Books, Music, And Conversation

Did you know that your baby can start hearing sounds in the womb in as little as 16 weeks? It’s the perfect opportunity for your partner to build a stronger connection with your little one. They can read books, listen to their favorite music, or simply have a conversation with your belly. Your baby will essentially get used to hearing both of your voices. You may even get lucky and feel some movement.

Plan The Shower Together

There was a time when baby showers were all about mom and the baby. These days, dads are getting involved in the mix as well. If your partner wants to partake in the pregnancy experience, why not let them help you plan a shower? Whether it’s picking colors or themes, coming up with a menu, or picking items for the registry, they’ll love feeling like they’re helping.

Host A Gender Reveal

If you want to make your partner feel special during your pregnancy, put them in charge of keeping the secret about the baby’s gender. Then, plan a party, invite your closest friends and family, and let your significant other come up with a creative way to share the sex of your unborn child.

Childbirth Classes

All your partner wants is to help you as you go through this life-changing experience. One of the most significant ways they can assist is in the labor and delivery room. As you get closer to your due date, enroll in child birthing classes. You and your significant other will enjoy meeting other parents and learning techniques to ease childbirth’s pain, anxiety, and stress.

Getting pregnant isn’t as easy as it sounds, so when you finally conceive, you want to treasure every moment. Unfortunately, moms tend to get all the attention and have a stronger bond with the baby until it’s born, leaving significant others feeling a bit in the dark. If your partner feels left out, you use some of the suggestions above to let them share this experience with you.



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