Five Bamboo Products to Improve Your Sustainability

Sustainability is a big issue right now. There are plenty of stark warnings about humanity’s use of fossil fuels and the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide warms the planet, and we need as many trees as possible to take in carbon and produce oxygen. Bamboo is a tree, but it produces much more oxygen than other types of trees. It’s not only extremely durable, it is a sustainable substitute for all kinds of harmful and wasteful products. Read below to find five bamboo products you should look into to lower your carbon footprint and improve your sustainability.

Paper Products

Bamboo is a great substitute for traditional paper products. Not only is bamboo stronger than other paper, but it also lasts longer. Some paper towels are reusable, and while you won’t be reusing it, you definitely won’t need to use as much bamboo toilet paper. You will be surprised about how soft bamboo products are because they’re so durable. Whatever paper product you need, there is a bamboo version of it. You will use less paper and use less of the other trees that take in more carbon and produce oxygen.


If you’re still skeptical about the softness of bamboo products, you will even be able to find a bamboo pillow. This material actually makes great pillows because it is durable yet smooth. The pillow will last you a long time. This alternative is more sustainable than a pillow made of cotton or some other material. You won’t have to buy a new one for a long time, and the material it’s made out of isn’t as harmful to the environment as others. Try out a bamboo pillow and you just may love it.


A great way to reduce plastic use and still buy durable products is to buy a bamboo alternative. Toothbrushes are a great example of this. Normally they are made out of plastic, but with bamboo toothbrushes, you have a product that lasts longer and is much better for the planet. Bamboo production does little to harm the ecosystem around it, and cutting it down isn’t as significant as it is for other trees. Bamboo is also abundant in Asia. While plastic is bad for the world, bamboo is great for it. If you think of a wooden alternative to your plastic product it probably comes in bamboo. Toothbrushes don’t need to be plastic anymore.


There’s also no reason to still use plastic forks and knives. Bamboo utensils are stronger, more durable, and last longer than plastic ones. Not only are they better, but you also won’t have to throw them away. You can carefully wash bamboo utensils to ensure that you can use them again and again. They are all-natural, vegan, and food-safe. You can eat bamboo, why wouldn’t you eat off of bamboo? Similar to utensils, bamboo straws are an amazing alternative to plastic or even metal straws. When you’re having a casual meal, choose bamboo instead of plastic.


Again, towels are proof of how soft bamboo products can be. You won’t even know the difference or, if you do, you will love that difference. They are super soft, durable, and long-lasting. Bamboo has been used to make fabrics for centuries. It is absorbent, resists odors, and will feel new for a very long time. Compared to cotton towels, the bamboo alternative is also better for the environment.

Whether it’s a paper product, a plastic product, or a wooden product, bamboo is a great material and resource to make things out of. It is much better for the world than the traditional products that people typically use. Bamboo is strong, durable, and sustainable. It is also affordable. There is absolutely no reason that you should be using products like plastic toothbrushes when bamboo toothbrushes are just as cheap and much better for the planet.

However you see it, bamboo is obviously a material that we should be making more use out of. It’s an incredible plant that has worked wonders for ages. They know and understand this in Asia, but the West has taken a long time to catch up on it. So, are you converted to the sustainability, ethics, and durability of bamboo products? Now is the time to get started.



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