How Life Has Changed During Lockdown

Last year was one of the most interesting years for the globe as whole as many if not all of us have been affected by the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 and therefore many of our lifestyles have been affected considerably. Due to this, we look at some of the areas of life that have been affected due to this.

One of the main areas that has been affected during this period has been work, especially for sectors in which that work in an office as many of us have had to “Work From Home” which has been a big shock to the system as it isn’t something that many of us have done before. Furthermore, some areas of work haven’t been able to continue and have had to close for the considerable future to combat the spread of the virus e.g. hospitality sector which has affected many people jobs. 

Furthermore, another area that has been affected during this time has been entertainment including live sport and concerts. Again, to combat the spread of the virus, these types of entertainment have either had to holt all together or in the viewpoint of live sport which has continued at elite level, but fans have not been able to go and watch. Even a year on from the initial lockdown, this is still in motion and with the vaccine only just being rolled out, it still seems as if we are going to be waiting some time to get back in to live sport and concerts again.

Because of this, many of us consumers have been looking for alternative methods of entertainment from the comfort of our own homes and online services like Netflix have been one of the beneficiaries of this. They have said that they had over 16 million new sign ups to their platform during the first lockdown as many looked for alternative methods to keep entertained during this period. Netflix have used the extra money that they have been receiving to invest in new content for viewers and with us still being in lockdown these sign-ups are due to slow down any time soon.

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