Common reasons people don’t seek help for addiction

Statistics reveal that the estimated number of addicts and consumers of illegal drugs worldwide reached almost 269 million in 2018, and these are only the official data. Addiction figures are much higher in reality, not to mention these statistics don’t include all known types of addiction.

Most addicts need professional assistance to help them overcome the challenges they’re facing, whether it’s substance abuse or any other form of addictive behavior. Unfortunately, a lot of them don’t seek out the help they require and they continue to struggle alone. So, the question here is what motivates this behavior? Why don’t they seek out support from qualified professionals or specialized institutions? There are several answers for it.

They don’t feel ready

Sometimes, the only thing stopping people from looking for help is the fact that they don’t feel ready for it just yet. Although family members and friends intervene and try to persuade them to start treatment, all their efforts will be in vain if the addict hasn’t reached that point in which he wants to do something about his problem. Maybe this doesn’t make much sense to someone who hasn’t experienced addiction, but those struggling with this issue must be determined to change in order to reach out and look for help.

Lack of financial means

The cost of treatment can be another impediment in looking for help. Even though in recent years things have definitely changed in terms of costs and more people have access to addiction treatment nowadays, a lot of them still don’t have the money to pay for a rehab or regular therapy sessions. However, in some cases insurance can cover for part of the treatment and there are also programs offering support for low-income people.

They don’t know where to look for help

Those who are ready to receive help face another barrier: not knowing where to look for it. Sometimes, people simply don’t know where to start. Asking your doctor for recommendations is probably the best idea, whether you’re looking for a Malibu Rehab or for a specialist that can listen to your problems and provide the necessary guidance and support. This will make the process a bit less confusing and time consuming and help you find the right treatment for your specific problem.

Fear of stigmatization

As people have gotten more educated on addiction matters, receiving treatment for these types of problems has become less of a taboo, but it can’t be denied there’s still some stigma surrounding addiction and substance abuse. Some people chose to do nothing about their addiction issues because they’re afraid of what others might think of them if they found out about it and they don’t want to be rejected or marginalized.

They fear it might affect their professional life

Addiction can affect all aspects of one’s life, meaning professional life is not spared. It’s not uncommon for people to hide their problem and do nothing about it out of fear of losing their jobs. They simply don’t want to be labeled as unreliable or unprofessional because of their addiction issue, and put their career in jeopardy.



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