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Ireland is considered one of the smallest nations in Europe. But for a country not regarded as broad in landmass, a visit will let you understand how big they are as a country. Looking at the map, you’ll think you can go round the nation in a couple of days, but in the end, you might be unable to visit the main attractions sites before you leave.

The nation has many tourist attractions, and you’re sure all your days are going to be busy while you stay in Ireland. The country has beautiful landscapes, bright green hills, and all the beautiful places that’ll keep your camera in hand most of the time.

Communication wouldn’t be so much of a difficulty as Ireland speak both English and Irish. Finding your way around, and mingling with locals wouldn’t be too difficult for you. Here we provide you with some tips that’ll help you prepare when you’re visiting the beautiful nation of Ireland and so ensure you get the best out of your travel.

The Rains Keep Coming

It’s crucial to mention that the rains in Ireland keep coming. One of the essential preparations you must make is preparing for the showers. You must purposefully prepare your mind to see the rains even at odd seasons of the year.

The weather in Ireland is entirely unpredictable. You might have the bright and warm sun just now, and in a few munites, it’s already pouring down. The rains don’t comply with seasons as you’ll expect with other cities.

When packing your luggage, think of simple clothing that’ll allow you to fit into any unexpected changes in weather. You don’t need articles of clothing that’ll have you all dressed when the rains come.

If you have weather apps on your mobile devices, it’ll enable you to have a fair grasp of the weather for each day and help you prepare adequately for the day.

Come Along with a Power Adapter

Note that the power supply in Ireland might not be the same as in your region. The country uses a 230v 50hz electricity supply. It means your mobile phones, tablets, and your digital camera would not be able to charge if you don’t make prior preparations.

It’s wise you always travel with some extra money than you anticipate to spend when you go on trips. Think of buying a plug adapter that’ll serve even elsewhere, as some adapters support dual voltage. When you want to buy, for instance, look for an adapter that reads “120/250v, 50/60Hz.”

If you opt to buy your adapters online using apps, it’ll be easier for you to find adapters that’ll fit exactly into what you need.

Ultimately Hire a Car for Moving Around

If you want to get a complete feel of the city and all it offers, ultimately hire a car for moving around. There’re lots of things to see in the country, and having a vehicle to drive yourself about is your best bet at seeing more.

With a car at your disposal, you can plan the itinerary and move at your own pace. You can take as many pictures along your route since you have no urgency of meeting up with any group. With apps, it’s so easy these days to rent a car while making payments for your airplane tickets, even from the comfort of your home.

A few things you have to keep in mind is that Ireland’s drive on the left-hand side and the roads through the tracks are relatively narrow. Also, you would require at least an international driver’s license.


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