Dreaming of Dogs – Common Interpretations and Meanings

We say dogs are man’s best friend. They are our greatest companions. So, what is the reason you are dreaming of dogs? Well, a lot of experts believe when you dream of dogs it reflects the primal urges within. Think about your basic needs, emotions, and instincts. They are coming out to the surface.

Dogs in dreams, namely childhood pets, bring a sense of comfort to your life. Sometimes, all we need in life is to pet our favorite animal.

Today, we will take a look at some of the common dog dream meanings. Let’s go.

Spiritual meaning of dogs dream

Dogs are creatures praised for their loyalty. They can show up in your waking life when you need insight or spiritual assistance. Spiritually speaking, dogs appear in dreams to help us process energy related to relationships and love.

Because they are domesticated animals and reside in our home, dogs also represent issues or concerns related to the home and physical space.

If you are a dog owner, the spirit of your puppy or the dog itself might show up in your dream as a guide. They provide comfort, protection, and make us feel energetically complete.

Often, dog dreams represent our primal urges for loyalty, protection, companionship, and a feeling we belong to a pack. Whenever you dream of dogs, large dogs or small dogs, make sure to remember the surroundings in the dream.

In some other religions, for example, Hindu, dogs in dreams symbolize honesty, faith, and service. And of course, we have mythological dog dreams.

Five things to keep in mind when looking at dog dream meaning:

  • It is time to analyze your romantic relationship
  • You should analyze your friendship with certain people
  • Think about where your loyalties lie
  • Reflect on discipline
  • There is a message in your dream about yourself

Common interpretations of dreaming of dogs

Dreaming about a dog barking

Dog experts say that you can tell the nature of a puppy by the sound of his bark. He can bark either be a friendly dog or an angry dog. In your dream, happy barking communicates love and belonging to the pack. On the other side, angry barking is a sign of attacks. And of course, an aggressive dog.

Speaking of the interpretation, when you dream of happy barking, you enjoy friendships in your life, and you enjoy your social life.

But if you dream about an angry bark, you have to ask yourself if there is someone who has power over you. Do you feel victimized? Or do you feel hostile?

Dreaming of dog playing fetch

This is one of the simplest joys in life. Playing fetch with your dog is a fun activity. And if this happens in your dream, it is a sign you actually need to increase the amount of playfulness in your life.

Feel free to try some new activities. Go shoot some hoops or schedule a game night with friends. Most importantly, do not take life too seriously.

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Dreaming about dog swimming

Did you know dogs instinctively know how to swim? And most of them love swimming. Their appearance in water represents strong emotion. And it is a sign you struggle with your feelings.

Ask yourself, do you struggle with something recently? Is there something weighing on your shoulders?

Dreaming of dog in a cage

This dream meaning is a warning sign you have a sense of betrayal. Do you feel trapped by someone else’s decisions? Or did someone let you down? Do you feel alone?

This dream relates to you. Think about it this way. You are the dog in the cage. And you definitely need to make some changes in your waking life.

Dreaming dog digging

Usually, when you dream about a dog digging, you also dream about digging dog breeds. Think of Jack Russell terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, Huskies, and some other digging breeds.

No matter the breed, the message is the same. There are things under the surface, but you will uncover them.

Sending your dog away

This dream is actually a negative sign about you. It speaks about your personality. It is a sign you will probably betray someone’s trust soon. And you will hurt them.

Try to reflect on your actions and do the right thing. And if you have sent away a wild dog, it is a sign of an impending fight with a family member.

Dreaming about puppies

We all love puppies. They are just adorable. You cannot resist them. In your dreams, these bundles of joy represent new situations, beginnings, friendships, and generally a new page.

Dreaming about puppies is also a reminder to have fun in life and enjoy simple things.

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Dreaming of dog poop

One of the biggest bummers in life is when you step into dog poop. But when you dream of dog poop, it is a sign of losing control of a situation. You probably feel you should have acted differently in the said situation. And that might have changed the course of the event.

But this dream reminds you to trust your instincts.

Dreaming of dog chasing you

What does it mean when a angry dog chases in your dreams? Well, it is just as frightening as in real life. But this dream is actually a positive sign. It is a reminder you have to be stronger and stop feeling like a victim.

Dreaming of dog dying

This dream means you are losing your talents, instincts, and intuition. They are diminishing. You might have a skill you have stopped using it. Or you are really good at something, but life got in the way and you stopped using it? In any case, take a look of yourself in the mirror and regain your talent.

You dead dog is trying to tell you something.

Dream of killing a dog

When you kill a dog in your dream, it is a sign that a close relationship you have is unstable and unhealthy. Some of your friends might be hiding their true feelings.

Take this animal dream as a warning sign to open your eyes and watch out for “loyal” friends.

Dreaming of a dog attack

Let’s take a look at the different dog attack scenarios and their meaning. A lot of people think of a dog attack as their biggest fear and nightmare. But the symbolism behind this dream is fear of something else. Let’s take a look.

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Dog attacking another dog

This dream represents jealousy, competition, and betrayal. Some of your friends are not as loyal as you thought. They are competing with you and will throw you under the bus whenever they get the chance. Take this dream as a reminder to pay attention to your friends, colleagues, and even your partner.

Dog attacking a child

This dream reveals another hidden fear of yours. It is a sign of vulnerability and insecurity. Do you feel protected in life? Probably not. Or you might feel that your guardians have let you down.

This dog dream usually brings up emotions of abandonment and helplessness. If you feel alone, it is a good idea to connect with a community for support.

Dog attacking someone else

This dream is a sign you do not feel the world is a safe place. You feel afraid of dangers lurking everywhere around. You think something lurks outside your comfort zone. When you see an aggressive dog attacking someone in your vivid dreams, danger lurks.

But these fears limit your growth. You can never grow because you are feeling fears waking inside you.

Dog attacking a cat

This dream represents a psychic attack or internal conflict between your emotions. Deep down, you feel you should do something. But something or someone prevents you from acting on it. It is time to clean your energy and resolve the conflict.

Most common dog breeds in dreams

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Did you know that the type of dog you dream about is symbolic as well? Let’s take a look at some of the common dog breeds.

Does the size matter as well? Well, according to Sigmund Freud, it doesn’t matter whether you see a small dog, large dog, senior dog, or anything in between. A dog is a dog. The condition of the dog is something else. But size doesn’t matter. Breeds do.

For example, if you dream about a Golden Retriever, it is a sign that you have the knowledge to achieve your goals. The dream reminds you to trust your instincts. You have the skills, knowledge, and needs, but you need to regain control over your waking life.

If a German Shepherd appears in your dreams, he provides an alert about something not right in your life. Use your courage and wisdom to find out what is wrong in your life at the moment.

Last, but not least, if you dream about a Labrador Retriever, it is a sign of unconditional love and devotion in your life. These dogs remind us that everyone has their own path. You need to accept and embrace the differences around you.



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