Dream About Stealing – What Does It Mean?

Stealing is a crime. And you do not want to commit crimes, do you? Well, dreaming about stealing is not always a sign of an upcoming crime. Instead, there are many other dream meanings and interpretations that have nothing to do with stealing.

What does it mean when you dream about stealing? Well, usually, the dream is a metaphor for your own identity and loss of something important.

What you steal in your dream is also important. Do you steal a car, money, gold, or some other subject? Or do you dream of someone stealing from you?

When you dream of stealing something important, it is a suggestion for your desire. It is something you have yet to fulfill in your waking life. You lack something big enough in your life, and you dream about it.

Biblical Meaning of Stealing Dream

In a spiritual meaning, dreaming of someone stealing from you is connected to your identity. You feel you are losing something or someone important. That can apply to business, relationships, or even common objects.

Take it as a sign to look at objects. But also like a metaphor. For example, if you dream about someone stealing your mattress, it is a sign someone is actually stealing your rest. Think about the object in your dream and how it impacts your real life.

Speaking about another spiritual meaning of stealing, it is a sign you feel deprived. Depending on the place where you steal, this stealing dream represents your neediness.

Common Stealing Dream Explanation and Meanings

Let’s take a look at the specific stealing dream scenarios. What happens when you steal money? Or when you rob a bank? Or when you dream of someone stealing from you? We are going to break down different common dream scenarios.

Dreaming of shoplifting

When you dream of shoplifting, it is a sign of your sense of safety and privacy. This common dream might suggest you (the dreamer) have high expectations of yourself. Yet, you want and need more privacy.

In your dream, stealing and shoplifting is a sign you want to hide. At the moment, you feel vulnerable and watched. So, you want to high and get more privacy.

Dreaming of someone stealing from you

You can be the theft in your dream. Or someone else might be stealing money from you. This stealing dream has a couple of meanings. The first dream meaning is you have an identity crisis in some shape and form.

Another popular dream interpretation of someone stealing from you is something that happened to you. And now you question everything around, how you see yourself, and your position in the world. Have you set a goal as a child, and you have yet to fulfill it? This dream might be a sign of that.

Last, but not least, when someone steals from you in your dreams, it is a sign someone else takes credit for your achievements and work.

Your children stealing from you

Whenever you dream of your children, it is an indicator of a conversation you need to have. In this case, it is all about anxiety. This anxiety dream has put you and your children in a horrible situation and you need to dig out of it.

It is time to talk with that particular family member.

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Stealing from your parents

Now this dream is more common and possible in your real life. Children, especially young children, might steal from their parents at some point.

Think about what has happened in your life. Have you stolen from your parents in the past? If that is the case, this dream is a sign of past problems resurfacing.

Generally speaking, if your dream of stealing from your parents, it is a sign you wanted to spare their feelings and curbed some harsh words. It is also a sign of a negative attitude towards problems in your daily life.

Dreaming about your parents stealing from you

Let’s be honest, in daily life, this rarely happens. Maybe never. Parents take care of their children, they do not steal from them.

But in your dreams, even this scenario can happen. If you have such a dream, it is a sign of upcoming family problems.

It is also a sign you might not live up to the expectations of your parents. What do they expect of you? Have you met their goals? This dream also appears when you feel sidelined or taken for granted.

You also have to consider who steals from you? Your father? Or your mother? If your father is the theft, it is a sign you will get hurt by people’s actions. But if your mother is the thief, it is a sign of a past situation that has resurfaced. Or an emotion that have come back to haunt you.

Dreaming of your partner stealing from you

This dream might come out as conflicting and shocking. But it is a clear sign that someone you trust will betray you. While you expect this person to have your back, the opposite will happen.

The dream might indicate a small problem or a bigger problem. But in any case, someone in your close circle will leave you feeling betrayed with their disrespectful actions.

Another dream interpretation of this scenario is problems in your relationship. Think about it.

Robbing an apartment

Taking stealing to a whole new level, if you dream of robbing an apartment, it is a sign you will move or change jobs. And you will have good luck in the new place. Sometimes robbery is a good thing, right?

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Stealing a wallet

Looking at explanations from a dream book, this dream means you are too weak-willed and easily controllable. When you steal a wallet or a purse from someone, it is a sign to engage in self-education. That will make you feel more confident and calm.

Someone stealing your job

This dream is definitely not a fun one. It is a bad omen. Take this dream as a somber warning. You should act on the situation and pay attention to your colleagues.

How are your relationships with your co-workers at the moment? You might be picking up negative energy from them.

But it is also a sign of someone actively trying to discredit you. But most importantly, this dream suggests uncertainty. And probably that your colleagues are jealous of your performance.

Stealing food

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We have to look at this dream from many angles. Most importantly, what is the food you stole? There are different dream-meaning scenarios. So, let’s take a look at the different things and dreams meaning.

  • Stealing eggs is a symbol of not completing the work
  • Stealing raw meat predicts disease in your home
  • If you dream about stealing fish means you cannot keep your mouth shut
  • Stealing chocolate in your dream is a sign of an upcoming invitation
  • Stealing sugar means you show off
  • If you steal candies or cookies, it means you want to flaunt your achievements
  • Stealing nuts is a sign of good luck in the future, take risks
  • Stealing strawberries means you will get carried away by someone
  • When you steal watermelon in your dream, expect big luck soon
  • Stealing potatoes is a sign of upcoming guests in your house
  • Stealing cucumbers is a sign you will help someone
  • If you steal red tomatoes in your dream, it is a sign you can enter a risky adventure, it will turn out profitable
  • Stealing cabbage is a definitive sign to not spend money on nonsense



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