Financial Problems Women Face When Going Through Divorce

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We all know that crisis situations require an especially acute response, adequate decision making, prudence, and consistency. At the same time, sudden stress can quickly drain our resources and squeeze out all our emotional juices. The divorce process is clearly at the top of the list of most stressful things that can happen in family life. Official statistics show that the number of such cases in American families has grown over the past decades.

In addition, divorce proceedings in the United States can turn into a set of very expensive legal procedures. Spouses often have to rely on the help of specialists in this industry to guarantee that the court will accept the divorce petition for consideration and confirm the application. But initiating a divorce is only the beginning of all the expenses and consequences of such a dramatic change in your life.

In a situation where your husband is the petitioner and you are left with no choice but to act from the perspective of the respondent, the process can be especially painful. You may have wanted and even attempted to save your marriage, but from the moment the filing of the divorce is accepted by the court, the inevitable end of your marriage automatically starts. And from that certain moment, the degree of responsibility for many problems increases for you.

Obviously, the financial problems associated with the dissolution of marriage and its consequences can affect the welfare and solvency of a woman after a divorce in a very negative way. Let’s try to highlight the main obstacles that a woman may have to face after a divorce from the financial side and find out what opportunities exist in order to minimize losses and avoid a heavy financial shock!

New financial liabilities that you didn’t know about before

Unfortunately, the financial situation can be extremely unfavorable for you if, in the process of preparing a divorce, you unexpectedly learn new information regarding the details of the family budget. You may have to urgently understand the amount of your family’s total debt, loan commitments, credit lines for real estate and cars, and more, of which you were previously unaware.

The actual amount of debt on your property could be very different from how you imagined it before. New financial obligations are not at all what you want to be faced with immediately after a stressful divorce process. However, after the dissolution of your marriage, your former family financial history becomes your personal one.

How can such a nuisance happen to you?

The fact is that you cannot be completely insured against such a turn of events if you are not interested in the financial processes related to your family budget. Of course, you can trust your spouse to manage certain aspects to some extent, but the decision on key points about lending, insurance, mortgages, consumer loans, and so on should be taken together, which is important for your overall financial security.

How to avoid harmful consequences?

You should not make the mistake of naively believing that you do not have to understand tedious things such as the formation and distribution of the family budget. Do not let your general financial statements be kept secret, hidden behind seven seals! Your budget should be transparent and understandable to all family members. Discuss details and plan expenses! Protect yourself from possible unpleasant surprises!

Inability to share divorce items with your spouse

In the process of preparing and registering a divorce, you have to understand and accept the fact that the termination of family life is also a joint responsibility. Obtaining a divorce is a costly procedure, the expense of which must be carefully planned before initiating. Going beyond what you can afford can be a severe economic blow.

How can such a nuisance happen to you?

This is a very common occurrence for spouses who have any kind of difficulties in communicating. Indeed, relationships between spouses who decide to divorce may have signs of toxicity and destructiveness. Sometimes it can be difficult for people to communicate even at the household level, not to mention jointly discussing complex organizational issues.

How to avoid harmful consequences?

Even if you are expected to act as a respondent in your divorce case, nothing prevents you from taking a little initiative in order to provide some financial security for both participants in the process. Try to convince your spouse to show loyalty in the negotiations and jointly choose the form of divorce that would allow you to minimize your total or divided costs.

Since it is in your common interest to save on legal services related to the process of annulment of marriage, choose a path that will allow you to refuse additional support and assistance from lawyers. This could include the use of special online divorce services if your case can be classified as uncontested.

What is an uncontested divorce and why should you pay attention to it?

Uncontested divorce implies the conclusion of certain agreements between spouses, which exclude various discrepancies and possible mutual claims in the future. Typically, such an agreement may include clauses that directly relate to the distribution of financial responsibility for the management of the divorce between the spouses.

For example, it would not be amiss to discuss such issues as the division of joint property, debts, and assets, child support payments, care of the children, medical insurance, and so on. This agreement will prevent disputes over legal claims in the future and allow the petitioner to file for divorce on their own, simply by preparing the necessary package of documents.

Why is it profitable and affordable?

Uncontested divorce is available in all fifty US states and is the only acceptable form of divorce proceedings that allows you to finalize your divorce without the help of attorneys. And preparing all the necessary divorce papers for subsequent submission to court using special online divorce services will make these procedures much faster, less painful, and significantly cheaper!


Lack of a new permanent source of income and financial stability

One of the most common family models among the middle class in the United States today is a conservative and traditional collaboration of a man, as the main earner and provider of the family, and a woman, as the guardian of comfort and teacher of the children. Of course, the woman’s role in the marriage described above, often implies that she does not have a stable and confident professional income.

How can such a nuisance happen to you?

This is a classic sad story where a woman sacrifices her professional ambitions and the opportunity to build a career in favor of family and children. Many work in part-time mode or remotely, losing the chance of achieving professional growth. Therefore, when contingencies occur in the form of a divorce, it is often difficult to return to the mainstream workforce. At the same time, it is not so easy to immediately find a good job after a solid gap in a career due to maternity leave and childcare.

How to avoid harmful consequences?

Be prepared for compromises and always try to find time for yourself! Imagine a hypothetical situation in which you have to look for a full-time job and a stable source of income in order to support your family yourself. Training in many modern professions and professional development is now available remotely and online. Do not make a mistake by dropping out of reality and replacing it with your own soap bubble. Life is unpredictable, so stay steadfast and optimistic!

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