Electric Bicycles For Every Type of Ride

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A bike with a battery and electric motor can change the way you ride. Move faster with pedal assist or full electric operation and cover longer distances with ease. Factor in your lifestyle and the way you like to ride when comparing men’s or women’s electric bikes for sale. The right electric bike will provide pedaling or full electric power where and when you need it and also function as a manual bicycle.

Casual Rides

If you ride for recreation, an electric bike can increase the speed of your ride and make it easier to cover more miles. Factor in the top speed and range you want out of a powered bike to choose the right battery and motor. An electric bike with a 250 watt hour battery can travel up to 24 miles per hour with pedal assist or 15 mph in full electric mode. The best electric beach cruiser with a 500W battery goes 28 mph with pedal assist or 20 mph on full electric.

You can cover any distance by manually pedaling an electric bike. A 250W battery can power a motor for up to 30 miles with pedal assist or 15 miles using full electric power. This allows for about one and a half hours of riding time between charges. A bike with a 500W battery has a range up to 40 miles with pedal assist or 20 miles on full electric.


Increasing the speed and distance a bike can cover is helpful for commuters. If you rely on your bike as a primary means of transportation to work, school or other regular activities, you can benefit the most from the features of an electric bike.

The battery in an electric bike is particularly important when selecting a build for daily transportation. A 250W battery does not last as long and will not enable you to travel as fast or far as a 500W battery. Strike the right balance between your speed and range requirements, charging capabilities and schedule.


A bike that can run on electric power may seem less essential for working out. These bikes can be ridden any distance on manual power. Be sure to select a frame style that is suitable for your body and terrain, whether that is a comfort, cruiser or hybrid bike.

You may find that it is easier to push your limits when you know that you can rely on pedal assist or full electric power. When you pedal out on a ride, an electric bike gives you the option to rely on either powered mode on your return trip.

A variety of bike builds are being equipped with electric motors. Make sure to choose a frame style that corresponds to the way you ride to get the most out of an electric bike. Choose from cruiser or hybrid models with a 250W or 500W battery and electric motors. Check to make sure the bike you are considering offers the powered modes that you prefer. Some classes of bikes only provide pedal assistance or have a throttle.

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