Dream About Car Being Stolen – Should You Worry?

There are a couple of stressful dreams. Your dream about car being stolen is one of them for sure. When you dream of a stolen car, you start worrying. The stress dream brings uncertainty or loss of motivation in your life.

But we are here to tell you that even if you dream about a car being stolen, you should not worry. At least not for your vehicle. The stolen car dream is more of a metaphor. The car represents your drive and motivation in life. So, in a way, when your car gets stolen in a dream, it is a metaphor for you losing your motivation. You have a hard time moving forward in your waking life.

Your subconscious mind wants to send you a message. And that is to find a new path and get your mojo back. So, listen to your subconscious brain and try to put your car back into drive.

Spiritual Meaning Of A Stolen Car Dream

When you dream of a stolen vehicle, you are going to face an identity-related problem in the near future. These problems might be personal or professional. But you will definitely face a crisis in your real life.

Think of the car as your personality. That is the car symbolism. And in that regard, your dream means your reputation might suffer, or you might lose trust in someone, or someone might lose trust in you, or you might have a finance-based problem.

In a spiritual meaning, your car getting stolen means somebody will attack you in real life. Another popular explanation is that your car getting stolen means you have lost your identity.

There are different scenarios of your car in the dream. For example, your car might get stolen, or somebody else drives the car, someone came with a gun to take your car keys, your car gets stolen on the parking lot, or a thief drove your car.

In any case, your vehicle represents your identity in the dream state. It means you are not sure what the future brings. If you see somebody else driving the car, a thief, or anyone else, it means somebody else has control over your life.

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Symbolism of Car Being Stolen

Let’s take a look at a couple of different meanings and interpretations of your stolen car dream. Depending on the situation you find yourself in your waking life, you can interpret the dream about car being stolen in a different way. Here are some possible scenarios and symbolic meanings.

Getting Fired

We said before stolen car relates to problems with your identity on a professional and personal level. Speaking for your professional level, this dream might be a warning sign you will lose your job.

Try to engage in your job with care and responsibility. Be professional in your negotiations. And always respect the guidelines set by the firm. If you are responsible, they will have a hard time letting you go.

Take this dream as a warning that you have probably lost interest in your career. If you want to remain employed, it is time to change things.

Personal Relationships

On a personal level, seeing your car getting stolen signifies a possible crack in your relationship. That can apply to any relationship in your life, with friends, family members, or your life partner.

You probably feel betrayed by one or more of them. This dream means you should reconsider your role in the relationship. If you are the problem, try to be more affectionate and friendly. Show more tolerance towards others.

We have to warn you, you will be the one who suffers in the eventual breakup.

Losing Something Valuable

Well, after all, you dream that someone steals your car. The car relates to your identity, but also to valuable things in your life. Make sure to protect the most important things in your personal life.

And if you have invested a large sum of money, think twice before renewing your deposits.

Yet, we have to remember, that valuable things are not always material. They can apply to loved ones and friends as well.

Unexpected Expenses

This dream might be a bad sign that you will face unbearable expenses. You will find yourself in a situation where you have to spend more than you earn. If you have this dream, we recommend watching your wallet in the near future.

Consider putting some money aside to make sure you can survive the unexpected expenses period.

Something/Someone Prevents You From Expressing Your Individuality

When you cannot find your vehicle in a dream and you think someone stole it, it is a sign you have lost your individuality in your life. Something is not working properly.

Chances are someone or something prevents you from expressing your individuality. You cannot do what you desire. Time to break those shackles and chains.

Lack Of Control Over Your Life

Usually, when you dream of someone stealing objects from you, the dream indicates you lack control over your life. Certain aspects of your life, to be precise.

For example, someone might interfere in some areas of your life. And because of that, you have a problem controlling those aspects.

Unexpected Circumstances Preventing You From Making The Right Decision

Another dream meaning for a car being stolen is that you cannot make proper decisions regarding your current life. Circumstances have gotten in your way.

There are things that you cannot control, and they prevent you from making the decision you want.

Hurt By Dishonesty

Stealing is a dishonest business. People get hurt by dishonesty. And this dream might indicate you will get hurt by dishonesty either by a situation or by some person in your inner circle.

Dreaming of your car being stolen is a reminder you feel hurt by a dishonest situation.

Your Car Actually Being Stolen

Rarely, when you dream of a car being stolen, your car actually gets stolen. Or you have experienced that before. Some people cannot get over the trauma of somebody stealing their car. So, they dream about it over and over again.

This is just your subconscious mind working for you. It is probably your way of accepting that you do not have your car anymore.

Having A Sense Of Urgency

Usually, people who feel insecure in their real-life dream about theft. You might live in a dangerous neighborhood. Things like this happen often in your surroundings. So, as a result, your subconscious brain tells you that you might experience it as well.

If you feel frightened for your security, as well as the security of your property, maybe you should do something. And if you have a recurring dream of car theft, you should definitely improve the security around you.

Feeling You Need To Change The Direction Of Your Life

Vehicles and cars symbolize our life path. They symbolize our direction in life. So, when you dream of someone stealing your car, it is a sign you need to change your path. You are probably on the wrong path and the dream is your way to finally realize that.

Ask yourself, have you been avoiding the realization?

Common stolen car dreams

Now let’s talk about some common dreams you might have with a stolen vehicle.

Dreaming of a new car being stolen

When your new car is being stolen, it represents hopes, desires, and aspirations. You will agree to everything that comes your way. Yet, you should reconsider your actions and choices.

It is also a representation of difficult current situation in your life. You are placing pressure on yourself and compare to others around you.

White car being stolen

The color of your vehicle might matter. If you dream of a white car being stolen, it represents you will face a difficult challenge soon. White is a color linked to peace, purity, and happiness. But when someone is trying to steal those attributes in your life, it means they are trying to rob you of your contentment and prosperity.

Car parts being stolen

In this case, it is not your entire car. It is just a car part that is being stolen. And it represents negativity. You probably tend to judge everything and strive for perfection. Let go of your desire to control everything.

If it is a recurring dream, it shows you have a problem you would like to discuss with others.

Not finding your car in the parking lot

So, you cannot find your parked car? What is the meaning? It represents your desire to escape reality and a sense of uncertainty.

This dream you will have some emotional turmoil, but also some emotional ups. It might foretell love and happiness.

Driving a stolen car

The last of our common dreams about car being stolen is about driving such a car. It means there are some underlying issues bothering you. Pay close attention to your personal relationship with people.

Sometimes, it can also be a sign of creative blockage. If you have been tiring yourself lately, it is time to relax. Consider it a warning by your subconscious mind.



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