Dreaming Of Rats – Common Meanings And Interpretations Explained

Generally speaking, dreaming of rats indicates an inner fear of getting stabbed in the back. You also fear someone will deceive you. Rats are also a symbol of trying to hide unsurpassed thoughts. Sometimes, they symbolize the things you want to forget in life.

Rats can come in many forms and shapes in your dream. They can be good symbols, or they can be bad symbols. We have to remember, we have domesticated rats for years. Some people do not consider them pests for a long time.

Today, we will try to look at different meanings of dreaming of rats.

Biblical Meaning Of Dreams About Rats

One of the common questions people ask is the rat dream negative. Well, not always. Often, rats in your dreams come when you feel worried and anxious. When you feel worried about your health, rats appear in dreams.

Spiritually speaking, dreaming about rats is a bad omen of jealousy and envy, as well as people stabbing you in the back. Take it as a signal you need to take caution in your waking life. Be on the lookout for people who want to hurt you.

A common spiritual meaning is that rats are linked to the unexplored areas of yourself. It is time to challenge yourself. Try a new hobby, or apply for a new job. Take it as an encouragement to try something you have not tried before because of a lack of courage.

We see rats in dreams as a symbol of a new beginning and changes. They also denote the emotional baggage that you carry with you. It is time for spiritual cleansing. The first step, of course, is to challenge yourself to forget everything and try something new.

How Do You Feel About Rats?

Something we have to explore before we get to the common meanings of dreams of rats is your feelings towards them. Before we interpret a rat dream, we have to have an open mind.

Your perception of rats largely influences their meaning in dreams. How do you feel about them will make them appear or do not appear in your dreams.

For example, do they scare you? Or do you find rats cute and funny? Can you walk calmly when you come across a rat? The answers to these questions will contextualize the meaning of the rat dream.

Psychologically, dreams about rats represent something negative. For example, a depressed mood. Or you might lack self-esteem. But sometimes, they represent positive things. For example, surviving a challenging life event. Or moving past the death of a close friend/family member/partner.

Common meanings of rats in dreams

Let’s talk about some common rat dreams and their dream interpretation meanings.

Being chased by rats

In this dream, rats can represent a real-world adversary who is resilient to adversity. When rats are chasing you, it is a sign of something that makes you feel completely overwhelmed or outsmarted. It is the same as if you are being chased by a giant rat.

Rat steals food from you

Rats are known to steal food from the household. But what is the rat dream meaning when the little animal steals food and you see it?

Well, if you dream about rats stealing food from you, it indicates your need for survival.

Rats eating

According to the spiritual dream dictionary, rats are connected to the unexplored areas of yourself. If you see rats gnawing in your dream, it means you have life goals related to your inner issues. And the question is will your inner issues solve if you accomplish what you have always wanted?

Rats in the house

If you see rats in your house, your subconscious mind is sending you a message about a difficult situation in the near future. You will need courage and perseverance to overcome the problems in your future.

Rat poop

Now who wants to see some rat poop in their dreams, right? That might look disgusting, but rat poop is actually a good omen sign indicating fortune will come to you.

Rats And Love Life

When you talk about rat dreams and love life, we have to go back to the common dream meaning of rats. This dream is a signal you will meet someone you cannot trust. You might start a relationship with the said person, but that will end up catastrophically.

Dead Rat

Often we dream of a dead rat. And there are many meanings when you come across such a dream. For example, this dream can indicate fears about a recent situation in your waking life.

But they are also a bad omen of ending a friendship with someone or a romantic relationship. Another fear that might come from this dream is afraid co-workers will control you at the office.

Do you hide something? This rat dream might suggest you worry about someone uncovering your secrets. Soon enough, someone will expose your secrets to the world, and you feel anxious about it.

Rats Biting And Chewing

If your dreams including biting, chewing, and/or scratching rats, it means you are afraid of someone trying to get you. But they are also a symbolic sign of someone trying to get your attention. Maybe a love interest trying to flirt with you? Think about it for a second.

Another common meaning of this rat-bite dream is that you have worries about an illness. And if a rat scratches you in your dream, it is a sign of a daily life issue you do not pay attention to. Time to think about what is happening around.

In a different manner, when a rat bites you in your dream, it is a sign of a friend or a family member who will betray you.

Dreaming Of Rats Chasing You

When rats chase you in your dreams, it signifies anxiety about personal safety and personal finances. You are afraid you cannot stay ahead of a life issue. Even more, this dream might imply you have worries about ending up dead.

But they are also a sign of unfinished business with someone you loved but he died and you haven’t completed a task.

Rats Crawling On You

This is one of the scariest dreams that involve rats. When you dream of rats crawling you, it is a sign you have lost control over your health. It is also a sign that you feel your sexual partner is unclear. Most importantly, you need to do a better job with self-care.

This dream also shows your fears about getting exposed as a fraud. Also, you feel guilty about an affair. Is the truth close to coming out? That makes you anxious and worried.

Most importantly, this dream is a sign you overanalyze life situations. Maybe it is time to relax and go with the flow.

Dreaming Of Rats Running

This dream can come in different ways, either rats chasing you, or rats running all over the place. If that is the case, it is a sign of anxiety you have. You are afraid friends and family will abandon you. Speaking of fear of losing someone, you are also afraid your romantic partner will leave you.

This common dream is generally a sign of losing people and someone abandoning you. Generally speaking, you are losing your circle of support, including friends and loved ones.

Colors Of The Rats

You might think this is not possible, but people have seen and kept rats with different colors. There are many color variations of rats. But we will talk about the most common ones only. Here are some examples.

  • White rat signifies hope, strength, resilience, and endurance in life
  • Black rat signifies death, betrayal, deception, infidelity, aggression, illness, and anxiety
  • Brown rat signifies health problems, weight concerns, depression, and treachery
  • Rats with red eyes signify demons, bad luck, financial concerns, evil, and worries about a child
  • Rats with green eyes signify happiness, friendship, financial success, and good luck
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Rat Sizes

What is the biggest pet rat you have seen? And what is the smallest one? As we all know, rats come in different sizes. And their size matters in your dream as well. Here are some common explanations.

  • Fat rat signifies deeply held anxiety because of your weight, closely guarded secrets, and a sign someone is lying to you
  • Giant rat signifies feeling deceived, feeling that someone is taking advantage of you and concerns about your body weight
  • Small rats signify feelings of insignificance, feeling of being invisible, concerns about your waking life, and anxiety around people



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