14 DIY Wall Hangings To Dress Up Those Empty Walls

Even when you’re going for a minimalist decor, empty walls always make the room feel cold and less welcoming. Framed pictures and paintings are we used to put up in the walls. Not anymore.

Today we have plenty of creative and modern ways to choose from to decorate our walls, and wall hangings are one of them.

What looks good in the shop doesn’t always look good once you’ve hung it on your wall, and then it’s too late to change anything. The beauty of handmade wall art is that it adds meaning to the art piece, since it’s something you’ve made yourself, and you can change it whenever and however you feel like it.

To start those creative juices flowing, we give you a few wonderful wall hangings and how to make them. Let’s begin.

1. Wool And Brass Wall Hanging

wall hanging wool and brass dreamgreendiy
Photo: dreamgreendiy.com

Despite being a thick and heavy material, wool is a great material to give a more cozy feel to the walls, and it’s used more and more often for various wall art projects. This one is very straightforward, using black wool with gold threadings which balances the added hard gold rings perfectly.

2. Photo Wall Hanging

wall hanging picture wall hanging homeyohmy
Photo: homeyohmy.com

Most of us still prefer to decorate the walls in a classic way, with pictures or photos. If you’re one who thinks so too, then you’ll love this hanging picture wall art. Choose the most beautiful or meaningful pictures for you and put them together with a string.

3. Rainbow Yarn Wall Hanging

wall hanging rainbow blissmakes
Photo:  blissmakes.com

Nothing is more cheerful and colorful than a rainbow and now you can make a permanent one to arc across your walls. This is a really nice addition to your home decor and you’ll have fun making it too.

4. Ombre Paper Chain Wall Hanging

wall hanging ombre paper chain wall art .astrobrights
Photo: astrobrights.com

Wool and yarn are normally used for making wall hangings, however paper can be used for making some stunning wall art as well, and we’re not talking about some mosaic art either. Just take a look at this ombre paper chainlink hanging. It’s interesting, easy and you can even get the kids to help out, making it a nice family project.

5. Evil Eye Wall Hanging 

wall hanging evil eye fishandbull. 1
Photo: fishandbull.com

For having the sense of peace and harmony in the home people would try anything, even placing various charms around the house. One such common charm is the evil eye, that wards of jealousy and negative energy. Even if you don’t believe in those things, this is a still nice wall hanging to have around.

6. Wood And Colorful Yarn V-Wall Hanging

wall hanging alittlecraftinyourday make diy yarn wall hanging
Photo: alittlecraftinyourday.com

Much like the rainbow hanging, this one is very colorful, but on a much bigger scale and with a more warm and abstract feel to it with the wood and chevron design. Perfect for filling up the black space on a large wall without making it feel too stuffy.

7.  Brass Wall Hanging

wall hanging brass wall hanging themerrythought
Photo: themerrythought.com

For smaller wall spaces in need of accessorizing, this brass wall hanging is just the thing you need. It may be a bit more pricey to make since brass parts come with a bigger price tag, still, it would be way more preferable than actually buying a similar art piece. And you have to admit it does look like a very high-end art piece.

8. Minimalist Eucalyptus Wall Hanging

wall hanging minimal wall hanging papernstitchblog.
Photo: papernstitchblog.com

Many people like to have some greenery in their home even when they don’t have a green thumb. A new twist to the classic “flowers-in-a-vase” alternative is this lovely minimalist wall hanging. It’s beautiful, easy to make and you can change it up whenever you feel like it by just placing different flowers in it.

9. “Metal” Flower Wall Hanging

wall hanging metal flowers .thegatheredhome
Photo: thegatheredhome.com

Don’t those elaborate metallic hangings look amazing? Even more amazing is their price, and metal is something not many of us can work with or want to work with. Thankfully there are many ways to make more workable materials like wood sticks look exactly like metal and no one would know the difference. Just like this wonderful metal flower hanging.

10. Moon Phase Mobile Wall Hanging

wall hanging moon phase natashalh
Photo: natashalh.com

Phases of the moon crafts hold something special in them no matter how you look or feel about the moon. It is a lovely art idea and with a piece of wood or driftwood and some polymer clay you can make this marvelous moon phase hanging.

11. Fringed Mirror

wall hanging fringed miror sugarandcloth
Photo: sugarandcloth.com

Decorating with mirrors is perfect for smaller rooms since it gives extra depth and a feeling of bigger space. And if you wish to add something extra to the mirrors that won’t take up too much of your time and effort, then you need to try your hand at making this fancy fringed mirror project.

12. Metal Ring Yarn Hanging Beads

wall hanging decorhint easiest diy wall hanging beads
Photo: decorhint.com

Macrame art looks so intricate, light and beautiful when hung on the wall, and not many realize it is easier to make than they thought. With some yarn, a metal hoop, some fake flowers, and a few wooden beads, anyone can make a macrame wall hanging as lovely as this one.

13. Wool Wall Hanging From Driftwood

wall hanging danslelakehouse diy wool wall hanging on driftwood
Photo: danslelakehouse.com

Woven wall hangings are another wall art favorite, but not when it comes to the actual weaving. It just takes too much time and skill, luckily there are projects like this one that has the same effect as woven art only it’s a lot simpler and faster.

14. Boho Outdoor Wall Hanging

wall hanging boho outdoor wall hanging thesweetescape
Photo: thesweetescape.ca

Just because you’re relaxing in the back yard, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need some art pieces as well. Here is a great hanging wool art for the outdoors that won’t get ruined at the first rainfall. Give it a try and see for yourself. You’ll love it.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the list of wall hangings we’ve prepared for you and that they’ll give you the inspiration to decorate your home with one of them soon. Have fun creating and we’ll loook forward to hearing your thoughts in the comment.

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