Diamond Painting: A Great Arts & Crafts Project for Beginners

Whether a growing teenager with a desire to express themselves artistically, or a middle-aged person who wishes to take up an art form to pass the time, the perfect solution is diamond painting. If you have mental images of trying to paint using a diamond-tipped brush, you can relax; diamond painting involves attaching tiny diamond-like rhinestones onto a canvas that has the finished image already printed. This is done using a special applicator tool and as the canvas is numbered, you are guaranteed a stunning piece of art every time!

Diamond Painting Kits

Check out the amazing Diamond Craft kits that come in many different categories and when you find one that really makes an impression, order the kit and with a secure online payment, your items will be delivered to your door. The diamond painting kit includes:

  • The canvas with the finished image printed.
  • The instructions & colour chart.
  • The special diamond applicator.
  • The full set of diamond studs in all colours.
  • Adhesive wax
  • Tweezers to picking up the diamond studs.
  • Special tray.

There are various skill levels and to start with, you should choose a kit for beginners and because you are following colour code numbers, the finished piece will always look identical to the master image.

Painting Categories

The list is very long and includes:

  • Abstracts
  • Animals
  • Cartoons
  • Nature
  • People
  • Holidays
  • Religion
  • Arts

Inside each category, there are many designs to choose from, some requiring a higher skill level than others and as the kits are very affordable, you can add to your art collection on a regular basis. Many of the avid diamond painters are retired people who have lots of free time, but in the lockdown, people of all ages are taking up this amazing art form. If you are a serious lover of arts, check out these wonderful ways to liven up your walls with creative different decorations.

Online Solutions

The great thing about diamond painting is that everything you need to complete the project is included in the kit and with so many categories, you are bound to find one that resonates with you. Be warned that diamond painting is an addictive pastime and you will never again be bored during the lockdown, and as soon as you have finished your first piece of art, you will be wanting to do another. The kits are affordable, so you could do one a month, which would take up all your free time and you would have quite an impressive collection that you can display around the home. Make sure to keep up to date with the latest Covid-19 updates before planning a trip.

If you read the supplier’s website, there is detailed instructions on how to diamond paint, along with tips to make the process simpler and less time-consuming. Then it is just a question of choosing your kit and placing your order and within a few days, you are ready to create the most amazing piece of art.

Bring out the artist in you with a diamond painting kit and amaze your family and friends with your fantastic art skills.



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