When to Decorate for the Holidays?

If you feel as if the holiday decorating season starts earlier and earlier each year, you are not imagining it. The holidays are well under swing in many households while other homes are still considering how they want to decorate their homes. The continuing COVID-19 health crisis also has many people deciding to spread a little cheer earlier than usual.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you decide when and how to decorate your home for the holidays.

Traditional Time to Decorate: Although there are no hard and fast rules about when you should start decorating, the traditional time to begin to deck the halls is right after Thanksgiving. Many families prefer to keep festive fall decor out until the Thanksgiving holiday has wrapped up, making it convenient to put these away and pull out the new Christmas or Hannukah decor right at the same time. For this reason, many Christmas tree lots open for the year on the day after Thanksgiving.

How the Pandemic Has Shifted the Mindset: There is no doubt that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that some people approach when to decorate for the holidays. Because many more families are spending an increasing amount of time at home because of the health crisis, they are choosing to make the most of it by decorating for the holidays earlier than usual. Other people simply have more downtime to get started on the festive fun earlier than usual.

Finding Joy in This Season: Those who choose to pull out their decor as soon as they can point to the fact that decorating for Christmas early helps them to find more joy in this time of year. With the shorter days and colder temperatures of winter settling in, it can feel good to create a cozy vibe in your home through the use of holiday decorations. Twinkling lights and flickering candles can go a long way to improving your mood.

How to Decorate: There is no shortage of ways that you can deck your home out for the merriment of the season. You can choose to go the classic route with traditional colors and decor such as nativity scenes, stars, bells, and Santas. Or you can make it a little edgy with a modern decor scheme and contemporary colors. The choice is yours to make!

When it comes to Christmas decorations, anything goes. Let your personality and the style of your home be your guide as you decide how to make your home shine this year. Browsing through Pier 1’s online only store can help you to create the perfect holiday motif to fit your personal tastes and your budget.

In the end, when you choose to decorate your home for the holidays is a highly personal decision. While some traditionalists prefer to wait until after Thanksgiving to get in the spirit, others want to harness the magic of the season as soon as they can.



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