Dreaming of Fish – What is the Meaning?

Fish is a common symbol in dreams. Usually, fishes in dreams carry a good meaning. But they can also symbolize troubles and unpleasant solutions. So, should you worry? Or not?

We take a look. There are general, biblical, and specific explanations for dreams of fish. We try to explain all of them.

General Meaning of Dreaming of Fish

Fishes in dreams usually foretell the things that will happen. But the details reveal the true meaning. For example, fishes swimming signify subconscious insights. But if you catch the fishes in the dream, it symbolizes a hidden insight that will come to the surface.

Fishes also symbolize a part of your life that you feel unhappy about. Or something represses you. In most cases, fishes in your dreams come as a good sign.

For women, fishes can have special meaning. For example, for young women, fishes in dreams signify a new happy love relationship. Or a marriage proposal. For older women, fishes symbolize a happy and peaceful family life.

In some cases, fishes can come as rewards for your efforts.

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Biblical Meaning fishes in dreams

The fish is an important symbol in Christianity. Some might, one of the most important. As such dreaming may have religious connotations.

In religion, a dream of fish symbolizes unconscious thoughts or truths. These are things you may notice about yourself, but you do not fully understand.

On the positive side, fishes reflect valuable insights. You will learn new things about yourself. But on the negative side, fishes also reflect emotional problems and negative emotions you start noticing.

And the size of the fish in your dream reflects the importance of the issue. Logically, a big fish represents an important matter. Blue fish are positive thoughts, while red are dangerous and ill-intentioned.

When we talk about fish and biblical dream meaning, we also have to remember Jesus Christ. In Christianity, fish is the symbol of the Lord and Savior.

Specific scenarios of dreaming of fish

There are millions of different scenarios that may happen with fishes in your dream. No two dreams are the same. So, let’s take a look at some of the different scenarios you may experience.

Dreaming about live fish

If you see a live fish in your dream, it shows a happy love relationship in the near future. The fish may swim in an aquarium, or in a pool. The dream is also a sign of success in projects you will start soon.

Cleaning a fish

On the flip side, cleaning a fish is a good sign. Unlike cooking, of course. This dream represents fun and existing activities in the upcoming days.

Fish eggs

When we talk about this fish dream meaning, we have to go back to the Bible. According to Judaic traditions, fish and their great fecundity have become a symbol of fertility and luck.

So, if you dream about fish eggs, it is a message from your subconscious mind. Are you trying to get pregnant? Or you might be pregnant already.

In some other cases, fish eggs symbolize new beginnings. For example, meeting someone new and having a fertile ground for a relationship.

Cooking fish

This is not a good sign. Cooked fish might symbolize problems and stress in the near future. It is also a sign of disappointment that you will experience. For example, fried fish is a sign your hard work is paying off. It is also a sign of purity and cleansing.

In some cases, cooking fish in your dream can represent a change of perspective in your life.

Eating a fish

There is a lot of symbolism about this dream. It depends on the style of the fish. But if you eat a large fish, it shows profits coming your way soon. Or you might accumulate material goods quickly. On the other hand, a smaller fish means small troubles and minor annoyances.

And if you eat raw fish, you should consider spending time on your upcoming plan.

White fish

If you had a dream involving a white fish, it is a message about your love life. It is a very rare fish dream. According to spiritual meaning, it means divine knowledge and divine blessing on you. It is also a sign you are a good person.

Black fish

Black fish in your dream is a different meaning than white fish. Now, it doesn’t mean something bad. But black fish does represent repressed anger or rage in your waking life.

On the other hand, when you are pregnant, a black fish is a sign you will give birth to a baby boy.

Koi fish

When it comes to fish symbolism, a koi fish is connected to the feelings of love, affection, and harmony. Seeing a koi fish can also be a sign of success in the near future.

Fish eating you

There is a flip side to fishes and eating. If you dream of a fish eating you, it is a sign you have people around you worth considering. These people do not have your best interest in mind.

They might use their power to harm you. So consider your friends, and think twice about who you spend time with.

Catching fish

Successful catching fish symbolizes a real life win. It is that simple. That can mean anything from landing a job, getting married, releasing some music, or anything similar. Simply put, you will get a real life win soon.

But unsuccessful fishing means an unsuccessful attempt.

Fish bones

The skeleton and the tail of the fish are made of bones. When we talk about fish bones, they are a symbol of perpetuity. These are things that will last for a long time. Think about things in your waking life. Is there something you want to last forever?

Dreaming about a dead fish

Dead fishes in your dream symbolize uneasiness in your physical body. Usually, this comes as a result of nutritional deficiency.

Sometimes, a dead fish can symbolize people in your life that are emotionally and sexually unresponsive.

Fish tank

Take it as a visual reminder of all the ideas and emotions that float under the surface of your subconscious. This is a symbol you should put these ideas on display.

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Fish swimming in clean water

If you need a sign that good fortune will come your way, this is it. This dream indicates nice surprises in the near future.

Fish talking to you

Normally, fishes do not talk. But anything can happen in your dream. If a fish speaks to you, it is not a good sign. The dream foretells problems related to other people in your life. But also loneliness and communication problems.

Fish out of water

Water is the natural habitat for fishes. And when they are out of it, they cannot live. In the same way, when you dream of fish out of the water, it refers to a person in an unfamiliar and uncomfortable situation.

Dreaming about fishing

Fishing is a good sign. You begin to confront your repressed feelings. And sometimes, the dream is a clear sign you need some rest and relaxation.

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Woman giving birth to a fish

If you want to know the gender of your upcoming baby, this dream will tell it. A woman giving birth to a fish is a sign of a baby girl.

Buying fish

If you are buying fish in your dream, take a moment to consider your lifestyle. It is a sign of illness in the near future. Think about your health for a second. Can you improve it?

Dreaming of fish market

This dream indicates your ability to succeed in whatever you desire. And the happiness that comes with reaching your goals. And if you are buying fish at the market, it means you will have to take care of a family member soon.

If you notice the fish decaying, take it as a good sign. It means good things will come out of a troubled situation.

Large fish attacking you

If you get attacked by a large fish, take it as a sign. You avoid emotional problems and you let them get out of control. Think about it for a second. Do you suppress some feelings? How does that affect you?

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Flying fish

Anything can happen in your dream. Even fishes flying around. This dream foretells overcoming problems and obstacles in the near future.

Piles of dead fish

This dream is a clear sign of losing hope, sadness, treachery, and loneliness. Someone will try to stab you in the back in the near future. Prepare for it.



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