Best Places to go on a Family Trip after the Lockdown

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Lockdown has severely limited our options when it comes to a family getaway. But with light appearing at the end of a long tunnel in the form of the government’s planned relaxation of the rules, many of us will be planning how we might sensibly take the family on a trip at the end of the summer, when the rules are relaxed further to allow for greater freedom. International travel will still be out of the question for awhile, but domestic travel may soon return, and with it the opportunity to consult those train times and get booking!


There are few destinations in the UK as attractive as the southwest, especially during summer. With plenty of beaches, remote points of interest, and opportunities for family fun away from the crowds, it’s sure to tempt hordes of stir-crazy brits for their first post-lockdown getaway. Try to avoid popular hotspots like Penzance in favour of some of the more obscure beaches, and remember that surfing is among the most socially distanced sports imaginable!

Isle of Wight

Similarly, the Isle of Wight provides plenty of sunshine and coast fun. It’s a great place to visit with kids, coming as it does with a host of family-friendly attractions. There’s Tapnell Farm Park, a miniature theme park and zoo, and Robin Hill, which is 88-acre adventure parkland. Both will be open once the lockdown measures are eased.


York is a city with plenty of history and culture to offer. The Romans and Vikings both contributed to making the city into what it is today – and it’s been voted the best place in the UK to live in a Sunday Times poll. With the famous dales nearby, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation – and, what’s more, there are a total of thirty museums competing for the attention of tourists. If you want to see what the city has to offer without spending over the odds, then it’s worth investing in a York Pass, which will get you into a range of locations in the city for a fixed number of days.

Lake District

The Lake District is among the most appealing sites of natural beauty in the entire country. Some locations in the area are more popular than others, with Windemere and Grasmere being likely to receive a massive influx of tourists the moment the lockdown is relaxed. Being as the area is typically swarming with international tourists during summer, this year might be a rare opportunity to enjoy the lakes with sparser crowds than normal – provided that you wait for the initial post-lockdown rush to subside.

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