A Self-Care Guide for Men

Self-care is often synonymous with women taking care of themselves through a variety of means, and perhaps it’s a concept more neglected by men. Self-care isn’t something attributed only to women trying to relax or do yoga; it’s a necessary method for caring for the mind and soul, no matter your gender (and, after all, men can relax and do yoga, too).

If, as a man, you’re not all too familiar with what self-care is and how you should be trying to incorporate it, this guide can help you.

What is Self-Care?

Self-care isn’t about how much you can spend on impulsive products to make you feel better, such as relaxing items like scented candles. Ultimately, it’s taking active methods to care for your own wellbeing, no matter what that means to you. Self-care can be taking care of your health through diet and exercise, or it can be taking care of your emotional and mental state.

For a man especially, there may be a lot of pressure to have this ‘go-getter’ attitude, to earn money or to hit the gym as often as possible. What self-care allows is for you to take a step back and understand how to live your life in the best way for you, and not how society pressures you into feeling.

How to Implement Better Self-Care

Keep Your Mind Healthy

Mental health is a difficult subject to broach for many people, but for men it may be particularly difficult due to this pressure that men cannot show weakness or emotion. Therefore when caring for your health, it may be that you focus only on your diet and your physical health, but it’s fundamental to care for your mind, too.

Take time out for yourself to recharge and try to alleviate pressure on yourself. Take a break from work or actively try to think positively and motivationally for yourself. Practicing mindfulness and trying to relax is key for this, but it’s entirely your choice how you want to relax.

Find Inspiration

When you’re trying to improve your mind and body, support and inspiration can make a huge difference. It might be that you want to seek motivational people online or in person, to help you through the process. Sites like Masculine by Design are tailored for men who want to arrange their lives positively, whilst listing many great ways how you can do that.

Surround Yourself with the Right People

A support network can make a huge difference to your overall wellbeing. Ensure that you have the right friends who can support you, and let go of anyone who is only providing toxicity in your life. Take time out to be with friends and enjoy activities, but also understand that you don’t need to give everything to other people; if you need to cancel plans because you’re not feeling motivated, that’s okay, too.

Find a Hobby You Love

Find something which stimulates you, mentally and emotionally. Even if you love the gym, spending all your free time there isn’t the best hobby in terms of caring for your mind. Instead, explore pastimes which help you to learn a skill, or simply for pleasure.



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