How to Cut Down on Alcohol

Most people, if they’re of legal age and otherwise allowed to, enjoy a nice drink every now and again. There’s nothing wrong with a glass or two with dinner, or a quick drink after work. It can be social, it can be fun, it can be relaxing, and that’s why the alcohol drinks industry is such a profitable and big part of our country’s culture.

However, we all know that excessive drinking can be bad for us and effect not only our health but also our mind, and in serious cases, our relationships. Almost everything on this earth, when experienced in excess, is bad for us, however alcohol is probably at the top of that list if things were ranked. Due to that, it’s always a good idea to try and limit our drinking every once in a while, avoid binge drinking and dial it back for the good of our body, however that’s easier said than done. When alcohol and consuming alcohol is so central to a lot of people’s cultures, it can be hard to get away from it sometimes. Thankfully there are tips and techniques individuals can employ to help them reduce their alcohol intake, and this article is going to explore some of those options.

Why Should People Cut Down?

Most people know that alcohol is bad for us, but many aren’t aware of the specifics. The problem is, alcohol can affect us in so many different ways, and its effects can linger well after any hangover is complete.

Despite helping some people pass out, alcohol affects the quality of our sleep, as we spend less time in a deep slumber. This means that we wake up more fatigued after drinking, meaning we can’t function as well. Cutting out alcohol will help us drift off. Alcohol is also a depressant, meaning that it can intensify your sadness or negative emotions. This is important, as many people turn to drink to help them deal with stress or issues in their life, but it’s actually best to avoid it as doing so will make you happier.

Avoiding alcohol can also help improve the quality of our skin as well. This is because alcoholic beverages dehydrate our skin, making it look sickly and gray. Replacing alcohol with water can go a long way in rejuvenating our skin, making it look younger and smoother and moister.

Perhaps though, the most important reason to reduce our alcohol intake is that it can vastly improve our overall health. Some alcohol is very calorific, such as beer and wine. Excessive drinking can be a huge contributor to weight gain, which can then affect our heart and make people more susceptible to serious illness. Alcohol also damages our liver and kidneys: vital internal organs that if they fail or get too damaged can have seriously bad effects on our health.

Alcohol is also addictive, which is a good reason to avoid it, as it reduces the risk of obtaining an addiction or dependency on the substance. For those who are struggling with their alcohol consumption and want to stop, there is professional help in the form of rehabilitation centers such as Harris House. The following tips are designed to help those who wish to cut down who do not consider themselves to be addicted, as dealing with an alcohol addiction is serious and needs more substantial support.

Go Sober for Charity

A brilliant way to instantly reduce the amount of alcohol you intake for a period of time, or in this case eradicate it completely, is going sober for charity as it can be a good way to not only benefit yourself but benefit those who are desperately in need. There are countless official challenges that encourage you to go sober for the duration of a month, and during this time you get donations from your friends to aid your cause, but also encourage you to stick to this commitment.

That’s why attempting this challenge can be so rewarding, as it gets the people around you to provide encouragement as well as accountability to make sure that you’re on track. Having a support network really helps with any lifestyle change you embark on, so doing something like this is a good way to get the people in your life on your side early.

Usually, once this challenge is over and the 30 or so days are complete, people find themselves to be drinking less once the restrictions are lifted, meaning that this not only helps for a finite amount of time, but can also encourage good drinking practices for the future.

Say No to Shots

If you want to cut down on your alcohol consumption but still want to experience the bar or pub atmosphere, one of the best things you can do is say no to taking shots. This is because despite their size, spirits have a far greater alcohol content than beer or other popular drinks, meaning they’re going to effect you more and harm your body more aggressively. Turning down shots can be a really effective tactic and can also save you a lot of money at the bar as well.

Drink Water

When you’re out having a couple of drinks, it’s always a good idea to drink some water before you start. There are many benefits of drinking water, but the main reason is that water quenches your thirst, meaning that you wont be guzzling beer or other forms of alcohol to refresh you, which could help you cut down. Alcohol is also a dehydrating drink, meaning drinking water between glasses can help keep up your water levels and could encourage you to reduce the amount you need. It’s also good to avoid drinking on an empty stomach as a full stomach slows down the absorption of alcohol.

Try Low Alcohol Drinks

If you want to cut down on alcohol but still crave the taste and sensation of a nice cold drink, you can try low alcohol or even alcohol-free varieties. There’s plenty of light beers, ciders and even wines and gins that have a reduced alcohol content, meaning that you can enjoy these drinks without feeling guilty, or feeling like you’re missing out. You could also try mocktails, which are delicious recreations of cocktails that don’t have any alcohol put into them, which could introduce you to interesting flavors.



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