6 Items Every Millennial Needs

Without trying to generalize an entire demographic, millennials are simply different. There will of course be deviation and individuality within the group; however, as a singular entity, millennials are far more interested in certain pastimes and lifestyles than other sections of the public. Millennials are far more invested in self-care and mindfulness; they are more concerned about the environment and are also more addicted to the internet that any other demographic.

Due to all these things, it means that the shopping preferences for millennials are unique compared with other generations. This means there are some items out there that have far more appeal to a millennial than to anyone else, and this list is going to present you with at least six of them. Here are some awesome and eccentric items every millennial need in their lives.

Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners were all the craze a couple of years ago; in fact, they were so popular that they could be found on practically every playground in the country, and perhaps the planet, too. It was extremely rampant in the Gen-Z demographic, where children were obsessed with doing tricks and customizing their spinners.

Now that the fad has died down, and the school yards have moved onto some other trend, millennials have continued to find a use and purpose for these interesting devices. Instead of collecting them and trading them almost like baseball cards, spinners are now used as a relaxation and anti-anxiety tool, as the kinetic energy of the spinner in motion can calm, and help you concentrate.

By providing an avenue to keep your hands busy, the fidget spinner has been known to comfort a lot of people and has found particularly useful for ADHD and autistic people.

A Dashcam

A dashboard camera, regularly shortened to dashcam, is a must for most millennials who own a car and find themselves driving frequently. This is because a dashcam can record the road in front of you as you drive, meaning it can pick up any hazardous driving from fellow drivers, as well as catch accidents as they happen. This makes them a great way to prove who is at fault, which can help with insurance claims.

The reason a dashcam is such a good device for millennials is that they’re one of the demographics that get into the most accidents. A good dashcam is one that isn’t too obvious to see from the outside and can be used in all types of light. You may also want to invest in a camera that has a long battery life to avoid having to charge it often, as well as a camera that has great visual quality.

Charcoal Toothpaste

Most millennials are really into their grooming and hygiene, which is great, no one can fault them on that, but it also means that they’re one of the first group of people to try new and interesting health and beauty products. One of these is charcoal toothpaste, an entirely natural alternative to traditional teeth whiteners, which is said to help brighten up your smile.

This toothpaste is great for those who are fearful of the chemicals involved in clinical teeth whitening products, as it negates these while giving you a genuinely comparable tooth whitening effect. It also helps freshen breath, kill bacteria, and it keeps your mouth clean like regular toothpaste, making it a great 2-in-1 replacement.

Beanbag Chairs

Beanbags are the perfect combination of both fun and comfort. Due to the countless Styrofoam balls within the fabric, beanbags mould to your shape, giving you an unmatched level of support and cosiness.

They are a great item for creating a nice laid-back environment in your home and can be deployed in living rooms, bedrooms and even in the increasing popular games room. They’re perfect for gaming in, studying in, or simply relaxing in, and none come better recommended than the luxurious options from Comfy Sack. Beans don’t have to be garish either, as there are plenty of sophisticated colors and types to choose from, making them perfect for almost any situation and surrounding.

Sleeping Masks

With the sheer amount of distractions millennials must navigate through, many can find drifting off to sleep at night something that’s really difficult to do. Social media, television, YouTube, and so much more can entice people to stay up far longer than they should, which leads to a reduced amount of sleep, and then on to fatigue, poor cognition and even health issues.

Not to mention, that due to either work or entertainment, millennials are surround by screens emitting blue light. This light makes it harder for people to fall asleep as well, so with all those coming together, it’s a miracle that millennials get a wink of sleep at all.

With a quality sleeping mask, you’ll be able to block out most of the light, and there are also many of advanced sleeping masks that wrap around the ears and offer noise cancelation, so that you can sleep soundly and more effectively.

Oil Diffuser

There’s stress in most people’s lives; however, an argument can be made that it’s

most prevalent in millennials. Stress can have adverse effects on our health and our mind, meaning it’s critical that we reduce this as much as possible.

There are some nifty stress relief products out there, such as a balm to wipe on your temples that reduces headaches, as well as techniques to reduce stress. But another great way to soothe your soul is through aromatherapy.

One way to introduce millennials to the world of aromatherapy is through the use of oil diffusers. These simply diffuse the essential oil of your choice into the air around you, allowing you to breathe in the many health benefits these supplements claim to have.

Another nice bonus is that oil diffusers usually have a pleasant fragrance to them, due to the fact that they’re from natural products like flowers and fruits, which can help give your house a delicious scent.



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