7 Reasons people become bullies

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Why do people bully others? This is what crosses many people’s minds. You might have also wondered what makes bullies target specific people. There is a belief that bullies usually have low self-esteem issues and are loners. However, if you want to have a better understanding of bullying behavior, you need to move past this assumption. There are different reasons people turn into bullies.

You can read this article to get a better understanding of how and why people turn to bullying.

1. To gain more power

When a person bullies you, they want to have power over you. This enables them to be in control of the situation. Most of the time, you find people resorting to bullying when things do not go their way. Instances where bullying is for power is where athletes or “jocks” bully other students so they can control them, you also find athletes bullying each other to get rid of the competition.

2. To become more popular

In high school, bullying is mainly done to increase one’s popularity. You will find popular students bullying and making fun of other kids they consider to be inferior to them. Forms of bullying used to gain popularity include starting and spreading rumors, slut-shaming, and even cyber bullying among others. Bullying can also be used to reduce the popularity of a person by tarnishing their name. Some of the school kids maintain anonymity while they bully the person so that they can keep themselves safe from any reverse actions.

3. As a form of revenge

Those who have been bullied when they were younger are more likely to bully others as a form of revenge. They justify their bullying since they went through it. At times, they picture their bully in the other person and feel relieved after they have humiliated the person. If they are bolder, they target the bully and make them go through what they went through.

4. They have problems they are dealing with

Those who come from abusive and broken homes are likely to become bullies. This is because they channel all the negativity they receive and lash out through bullying. People who came from abusive homes practice what they see on others. This gives them a sense of control that they seek in their lives.

Siblings can also bully each other. This happens when older siblings torment the younger ones. It makes the younger sibling feel powerless. To regain the power they lose at home, they can resort to bullying others and often emulate the older sibling.

5. Because they enjoy it

There are people who bully others because they are bored. These people find pleasure in tormenting and humiliating others. When it comes to kids, they might turn to bullying others to get attention from parents. This is often the case if the parents are absent or permissive. There are also those who find it funny when they hurt other people’s feelings because they do not have any empathy.

6. They are pressured into doing it

Peer pressure is everywhere and everyone wants to fit in. However, it also makes us do silly things. There are people who want to fit in with a certain group that they do what they are told without thinking of the consequences. This is mainly seen in kids where they bully others so they can fit in with a group. They fear being rejected which can make them bullying targets.

7. Prejudice

Most of the time, people are bullied for being different. Usually, those with special needs or allergies are targeted. However, you can also find people being bullied because of their race, sexual orientation, and even religion. To the bully, if you do not conform to their standards, you deserve to be humiliated.

What can we do about it?

We need to show bullies that their actions are not cool. There needs to be zero tolerance policies at work, school and any place where bullying is likely to occur. The media can also play its part by speaking against bullying. Remember, as long as bullying seems cool, people will continue doing it. Children who are dealing with different issues need to get help so they can learn how to cope and manage their emotions. Overall, bullies need to undergo therapy so the root of their behavior can be discovered. Only then can they get the help they need.

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