5 Non-Traditional Christmas Ideas to Inspire You

When you think of Christmas, you might imagine St Nick, reindeer, and bauble-laden fir trees. However, this is not the only way to spend Christmas. If you are tired of the traditional Christmas experience but are stuck for ideas to jazz it up, here are some of the most inspirational ways that you can create an event that everyone will enjoy.

1. Donate to a Charity

Although many people love receiving gifts, the practice of gift-giving can often become stressful and even wasteful if you do not manage to get your loved ones, the presents that they are dreaming of. For a gift with a twist, you should consider donating to a charity of their choice rather than buying them another plastic gift that is sure to be shoved to the back of the wardrobe. This will ensure that you are helping others through holiday giving while also celebrating Christmas with your family and friends.

2. Go on a Vacation

The traditional Christmas is usually spent with family and friends. However, the big family gathering can be extremely tiresome for those people who host them. Then, if you want to escape the family arguments and burnt Christmas dinner that are the staples of every holiday season, you should consider planning a quiet vacation. Whether you want to soak up the last of the winter sun abroad or simply a getaway to another part of the USA, there are many perfect Christmas locations that can help you to relax and have a magical experience. You may even be able to find somewhere that you can host Christmas at the beach.

3. Scrap the Turkey

Surprisingly, not that many people enjoy turkey dinners, which can often be seen by how little they are on the menu throughout the rest of the year. Rather than following the trend for turkey dinners, why not swap this for turkey alternatives or your favorite foods? From eating other meats, such as ham, or veggie options, such as nut roasts, to simply cooking a festive pizza, there are many ways that you can feast on a meal that you will find delicious.

4. Change Your Gift-Giving Schedule

The stress of giving gifts on Christmas day cannot be understated, and yet, within a few moments, all the gifts are unwrapped, and the excitement has ended for another year. Then, you should consider changing your gift-giving schedule. For instance, you might consider giving gifts on Christmas Eve or giving one gift per day throughout the 12 days of Christmas. This can keep the joy going for many days past the big event itself.

5. Use Personalized Decorations

Not everyone enjoys having heaps of tinsel and baubles strung up around the house every year. If these are not your style, you should consider buying or making decorations that are. For instance, why not invest in a pink, black, or white artificial tree that can last you for years, or revamping your tinsel by adding gothic style to your centerpieces?



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