7 Books Teach you Wealth Building and Business Skills

For many people around the world, growing their personal net worth and being successful and stable is a major goal. While there are many ways to become financially independent, there is no getting around the hard work and building the skills and knowledge that comes with it. Many successful business owners talk about the importance of constant learning and studying. If you are interested in starting your own journey to wealth, here are several books to help you on your way. 

Rich Dad, Poor Dad 

One of the most revered novels in the wealth and finances sector, Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki is an incredible read for anyone interested in understanding how to build personal wealth. A regularly occurring lesson in this book is that we are not taught the things we need to succeed financially in school. We must take it upon ourselves to learn these things on our own through independent studies or finding the correct mentors. 

 The book teaches many concepts, but one of the main points is that for those that truly want to build wealth, you need to work for yourself and put your money to work for you. When you are an employee, you are capping yourself off at a certain level. As he puts it, “why do you want to rise in a company when you can own a company?”

The 4-Hour Work Week 

The 2007 book 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris has become a cult classic and almost mandatory reading for online entrepreneurs. There is a treasure trove of information in this book that can help many young business owners on their journey. While a lot of the techniques and methods described here were much more relevant when the book came out almost 14 years ago, there are still some major takeaways.

Many themes that are outlined in the book get you in the right mindset to be successful. Topics covered include classic concepts like the 80/20 principle, and managing your time appropriately amongst your tasks. There are also chapters dedicated to finding remote assistants online, delegating responsibility, and understanding the manufacturing process for merchandise. Another useful bit of information is that it’s better to deal with less customers at a higher cost, then more customers at a lower cost, and a lot of useful tips on dealing with difficult clients. Overall, the book was a massive success and it’s still on many bestseller lists regularly, demonstrating that there is so worthwhile knowledge contained within. 


Several Poker Books

 The game of poker has long been held up as a game that teaches us many different skills from wealth management to psychological strengths. In the book The Biggest Bluff, Author Maria Konnikova extensively studied the game to learn its secrets and decided to write about her experience. There are many tips here that can be applied to our daily lives and business aspirations. Poker legend Phil Hellmuth has his own book, Read’Em and Reap, that teaches a great deal about poker tells and body language. While there is not a lot in the way of business tips, the book will teach you a lot about how people interact with each other and the psychology behind different actions. Books on poker have a surprisingly deep amount of knowledge that is cohesive to business in general. It’s worth it to explore some popular poker books and see how they can help you.

Think and Grow Rich

Like other books on this list, Think and Grow Rich is an iconic book that has helped thousands of people around the world become better business owners and more responsible with their income. A lot of this novel deals with the proper mindset that you need to be in to not only succeed in business but in life. Pitfalls like procrastination, negative thoughts, marriage and love problems and project failures are discussed here, as are techniques to overcome them. In many ways, this novel has many philosophical concepts that are explored, which makes it a much more interesting read than your typical finance guide. If you want to turn your life around and become successful Think and Grow Rich is a great place to start.



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