How to Make Your Shoes More Comfortable While Traveling 

No matter the trip that you will be heading on, shoes are a must-have to complete your look. Whether it is a quiet and relaxing beach getaway or a place where you will go to explore. Having to walk is a common denominator in every trip, and you need proper shoes and comfortable shoe insoles for that. If you’re looking for the perfect pair of insoles, take a look at So, you will have to bring the right shoes to avoid having cuts, blisters, or something worse like injuries by having the wrong type of shoes. Therefore, as you plan your outfit, it is important to plan your footwear as well. In this article, you will learn ways to make your shoes more comfortable while on travel.  

Break-in them before you travel 

Many podiatrists advise the importance of breaking in new shoes before you travel as a way to be comfortable in your shoes. Also, it is not good to use your own feet to break in the new shoes. Although many people make the mistake to wait until they are on vacation to wear their new shoes. By doing this, it can cause blisters, pain, and cuts. So, what’s the best way to break in a new pair of Air Jordans before you carry them for your vacation? Try wearing them for an hour or so indoors. If they feel okay, you can go ahead and pack them. However, if you feel some tight spots, place some padding, or use a shoe stretcher in the area. In this way, they will loosen a bit before your vacation time and provide comfort and relief, and your feet will thank you. 

Opt for footwear with laces or straps

Among the many shoes that you can carry for your trip. Not only should your shoes be comfortable, but they should help prevent any injury. For instance, if you carry a lot of slip-ons, although they are easy to wear and take off. They are not the best when you think about injury prevention and comfort. It is best when your shoes are attached to your feet with laces or straps. For instance, girls wear adjustable strappy heels or sandals. Go for lace-up sneakers like and others that will offer the necessary comfort and balance that you need. These are the best types of shoes for comfort and injury prevention in a vacation. Although many prefer flip-flops, it is not advised that you wear them for an extended time while standing and walking as they give little stability and structure. So with such, they do not offer good protection for rocky terrain or longer mileage if it is necessary for your vacation spot. 

Avoid wearing the same shoes all-day 

Many people do not like packing a lot of shoes as they take a lot of space in their suitcase. Having several pairs of different shoes is important if you need to enjoy your vacation. Instead of having to stay in your hotel room because you cannot take more than five steps due to pain in your feet. For this reason, switch your shoes as you go for various activities from the morning sightseeing to the dressy dinner. In this way, it will help your feet relax after a while since when you wear them the whole day if they are not appropriate for long periods of standing or walking, they will start hurting your feet. Thus, wear shoes accordingly, for instance, if you have to go sightseeing, sneakers are the best, and they are not a good option for dinner or going to the beach. Also, you can carry some toe protectors that help with reducing the discomfort that you get from corns, rubbing shoes, and blisters. 

Be prepared and pack smart 

When traveling to the Caribbean, for instance, it is not wise to pack a winter coat. Similarly, it is better to pack smart with the footwear that you take on your vacation. This depends on the activities that you plan and the destination of the trip. For instance, if you have to do a lot of hiking and walking. You will need comfortable, supportive, and protective shoes for this trip. Hence, packing smart and being prepared is key. Besides, you need to be ready if you are caught in the rain, and you do not have water-resistant footwear. Try packing waterproofing spray that can help you when you are out on your trip. Plus, carry blister protecting bandages, band-aids, and other foot first aid items. 

Use socks that wick moisture 

Sometimes the trip you are going to is in a hot place, and you are planning on enjoying some hiking. If this is the case, avoid carrying wool or cotton socks that tend to absorb perspiration and stay wet. Since it will make you uncomfortable for they will cause rubbing. Carry some foot powder to help with the sweating, and ensure you remain comfortable during your trip. Others opt to wear silver socks that podiatrists recommend that help to kill fungi and bacteria with the help of the silver particles that are present in the fabric. So with these socks, they help your feet remain odor-free and dry when you use them. 

Seek The Professional Opinion Of A Podiatrist Or Orthopedic Surgeon

Sometimes the issue you’re experiencing has nothing to do with the footwear or socks you use. Sometimes you’re dealing with an issue that is physiological in nature. For example, you may have “flat feet”–which is to say, the bottom of your feet don’t have the necessary arches. For such a situation, you may need orthotics. These are like souped-up “Dr. Scholl’s” shoe inserts. Some people need to have a plaster cast made, and specific inserts designed. A podiatrist can help you here, but sometimes your issue is with bone or muscle higher up from the foot. For that situation, if you were in the Garden State, you might want to look into an orthopedic surgeon near Monroe, NJ. Do the same if you’re in other states. Sometimes lack of moisture results in muscle-debilitating spasms, and exacerbated by footwear collaterally. Everybody’s different, if shoes and socks still won’t produce comfort no matter the kind, you may want to see what the medical professionals have to say.

Customize your shoes 

For this tip, it does not mean you necessarily invest your money on custom pair of shoes. There is a better option where you can get insoles, pads, and cushions that will help do the job for a lot less. For instance, you can customize with gel pads that are better than the fabric pads, as they are reusable, washable, and they last longer. Optionally, try custom orthotics that you can get from a podiatrist, and this will help you to take your health and comfort on another level. A podiatrist will help custom fit them depending on the molds that are based on your feet type and form. They are beneficial to keep your body in a correct position, and as a result, there is less stress on your feet even with the weight on them. 



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