6 Women’s Fashion Essentials to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

For many people, planning a New Year’s Eve party is one of their favorite things in the holiday season and if you’re sartorially minded, what you wear is one of the biggest parts of your planning. Even though the weather is cold outside, you can still wear your favorite mini-party dress or go without tights for the evening. There are some essentials that every woman will want to make sure she incorporates into her New Year’s Eve look this year. Keep reading for the biggest fashion essentials to help you ring in the New Year in impeccable style.


Name another time of year when it’s socially acceptable to dress head to toe and sequins. We’ll wait. One of the best ways to celebrate and show excitement for the upcoming year is to incorporate sequins into your aesthetic. Whether you go with a sequin blouse or an all-over sequin mini dress, these are iconic celebratory embellishments. If you don’t want to wear sequin clothing, you can always incorporate them in other ways, like cute headbands or sequin heels.

Feather Trims

This year we see a huge trend of feather trimmings, from the bottom of pants to collars of jackets and everywhere in between. A bold and bright pink or purple dress with feather detailing around the collar or hemlines will guarantee you stand out in your New Year’s Eve selfies and from across the bar if you’re single or not! Feather trims are a daring trend but essential if you want to stay current as you head into the new year.

Impeccable Grooming

While you may not consider your grooming a fashion essential, it 100% is! Being beautifully pulled together from a fresh manicure, designer fragrance, and a bold red lip can take her outfit from drab to fab in minutes! Maybe you’re a casual girl or a bit of a tomboy and want to ring in the New Year in jeans and a t-shirt; you can still elevate your look with impeccable grooming and a spritz of your favorite fragrance. Never overlook this detail, as the devil is always in the details.


The holidays, while magical and so much fun, take a lot of planning out of even the most organized person, which can lead to stress. In fact, most people report feelings of overwhelm and some anxiety during this time of year. Simplify things with this essential – a jumpsuit. Jumpsuits and rompers are amazing because they’re one-and-done and take the decision fatigue out of what to wear for your New Year’s celebration. Bright colors are in this holiday season, from rich, vibrant cobalt blues to deep yellows. Play with color this year when it comes to your jumpsuit, and pair it with a metallic heel or wedge for a fun and retro vibe.


Men’s wear for women will never go out of style, so a blazer is an important fashion essential as you ring in the New Year. Also, cold weather can make some people nervous about looking frumpy in their warm coats; the blazer is your answer. You can pair a black or colored blazer with virtually any outfit, from mini skirts to pantsuits. An oversized look compliments most outfits the best, but purchase an intentionally oversized blazer, not one three sizes too large for you.

Metallic Shoes

For many people, even if it’s New Year’s Eve, the winter season means dark colors. Many more people, whether they’re going to a black tie event or a Hallmark movie marathon to ring in the New Year, feel more comfortable in a black and black outfit for these events. Add a festive twist to your get-up with metallic shoes, loafers, heels, or even gold combat boots that can give your look the fun New Year’s twist you’re aiming for.

The most important thing about celebrating New Year’s Eve is, of course, celebrating responsibly, but after that, it’s looking and feeling your best. So many New Year’s resolutions revolve around someone’s confidence, so head to the new year with all the confidence in the world by incorporating the above fun fashion Essentials into your New Year’s aesthetic.



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