Creative Ideas for Our Holiday Parties

If we take a moment to look at a calendar, we are sure to see the holidays are right around the corner. Before we know it, we will once again be having fun celebrations with family and friends. We have been looking forward to this season for a long time. This means we want to choose a creative theme that will engage and delight all our guests. After the past year some of us might be struggling to think creatively though. If that is the case, here are several ready-made creative ideas we can incorporate into our holiday parties this year.

Bonfires, Candles, and Sparklers Oh My

The winter holidays are the perfect time to incorporate light into our celebrations. We might have a New Year’s Eve bonfire and allow everyone to write down and burn their regrets. We might repurpose sparklers for a wedding send off and create a sparkling tunnel to welcome in the new year. We might choose to fill a room with romantic candlelight and turn our holiday party into an intimate affair. The winter is a dark and cold season and adding light to our festivities can bring a real sense of joy.

Showstoppers On Center Stage

Sometimes adding a showstopper element can make all the difference to our holiday party. We can have a chocolate fountain for fondue. We can use 36 inch sparklers to create amazing holiday photo backdrops. We can bring in outside entertainment such as a musician or singer that will keep everyone’s toes tapping. Adding a showstopper element to our party will mean it will be remembered with fondness way into the future.

Combining Celebrations

Since we are likely to have friends and family come to our holiday parties this is a great time to combine celebrations. If there was a major birthday that was missed this year, we can do a combined holiday and birthday party. If someone we know is expecting there are various gender reveal ideas we can incorporate into our party. We can also combine holiday parties with life events such as graduating from college or buying a new home.

For example, we can have a birthday cake at our party and celebrate everyone’s collective birthdays. We can use a gender reveal smoke cannon to add a festive touch to any party. We might have a recent graduate come in their cap and gown and have everyone give them a big round of applause. The holidays give us the perfect excuse to catch up on all the celebrations we have missed. Combining celebrations means that we can show our guests exactly how much we love and care about them and that we recognize how their lives have changed over the past year.

Themed Holiday Parties

Another way to have an amazing holiday party is to choose a theme. It is amazing how many different holiday themes we can choose from. We might decide to go with a glamorous fancy dress party. We might decide to go with an art-based party. We might even decide to throw a holiday party around our passion for sports or our favorite TV show. In the end we can really choose any theme for our party and ensure everyone has a great time.

Virtual Parties

While more and more of us are getting out and about, virtual parties are still a great option. This type of party allows everyone to be involved even if separated by distance. There are many tricks to hosting an amazing virtual holiday party such as making creative invites, having games and competitions, and sending food in the mail. Just because we are having a virtual holiday party does not mean we can’t have a wonderful and fun time. Sometimes a virtual party is the best kind of party we can host.

There are so many ways we can throw a creative holiday party that our guests are sure to love. We can create a light filled night or have a showstopping component. We can even combine celebrations since we have all our friends and family in one place for the holidays. In the end it is less about what we choose to do and more about simply showing our appreciation and love for our guests. Feeling good while spending time with family and friends is pretty much the entire point of celebrating the holidays in the first place.



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