What to do when everything is tired: unusual entertainment

An ordinary trip to the cinema or a restaurant today does not surprise anyone. The entertainment industry is growing rapidly, offering laser tag in a nuclear bunker and traveling with diggers. We talk about the most unusual ideas for leisure. Along with Avalon78, they are exciting and exciting.


The organizers of the unusual service call it “a crazy attraction of permission and permissiveness with a psychotherapeutic effect.” The bottom line is this: according to your wishes (or accepted standards, if you have no ideas) they arrange a room with furniture, appliances and a bunch of other things that can be smashed to pieces to calm your nerves or remember childish pranks. For inspiration, you can turn on loud music.

A small brawl lasting 40 minutes for one or two people will cost $ 100. Big game – a whole room of fear, in which no one has survived more than an hour – from $ 500. If you don’t plan to make a real mayhem, you can leave videotapes against the wall ($10 for 20 pieces), smash five kilograms of dishes (for $200) or an old piano (for $500). And if you have a nervous job, there is an opportunity to arrange a corporate mayhem. After all, nothing strengthens the team spirit better than a collective struggle.

Laser tag in a nuclear bunker

The bunker, as planned by the organizers, was built in the 1950s, at the height of the Cold War. It housed the reserve command post of the Aviation Headquarters, designed in case of a nuclear bombardment. 5 thousand people could hide in the underground city: they would have enough food supplies, fuel and the operation of the air purification system for six months. In the bunker, under round-the-clock guard of the military, a radio station and a central telegraph, a geodetic laboratory worked. It is said that Stalin’s secret office was located here. Perhaps it was from here that Nikita Khrushchev sent a telegram ordering the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The building is a vertical shaft with a depth of 18 floors and a total area of 7000 sq. m. Tours are conducted in the bunker, where you can climb into the ventilation pipe, experience an imitation of a nuclear explosion, try yourself as a military radio operator, press the “red button” and “launch” nuclear warheads. Today they play laser tag here – laser combat, or quasar, where they fight with safe laser shots from a blaster machine gun. They also survive the zombie apocalypse and fight terrorists who are trying to detonate a 30 megaton nuclear bomb in a bunker.

Party in pitch darkness

An unusual leisure option is a restaurant that is located in the dark. Here everything is arranged in such a way that initially no one knows what will be eaten. Visitors choose only the color of the menu: red – meat, blue – fish, green – vegetarian, yellow – American cuisine, white – surprise. And then they have dinner in absolute, “reference” darkness. At the same time, they try to guess what is still on their plate. According to the creators of the service, when a person’s visual perception is turned off, taste sensations become aggravated by 30%.

Guests are served by completely blind waiters. Their mission is to help visitors get comfortable in the dark. At the exit from the dark hall, you can meet your table neighbors and see what was served at dinner. Visitors take photos of all dishes with a detailed description with them in order to compare their inner feelings with what they really were.

Tank training ground

A weekend out of the city is a great idea for leisure. Especially at the tank range. Anyone can ride a tank. The crew commander will bring in a staff 12-ton BTR-80 or BMP-1 for you. For lovers of extreme sports, there is a special service: riding a T-62 or T-80 tank through the forest, as well as training tracks with military expositions. You will be given a tank suit, a headset, a Kalashnikov, and then you will be asked to complete several strategic tasks. The organizers are developing scenarios for combat tank tours. On weekends, a real army day is arranged at the training ground: with training on an obstacle course, passing standards and buckwheat with stew for lunch.

Journey Through the Looking Glass

Another interesting option to spend your leisure time is to take part in a theatrical performance combined with a gastronomic experience – an immersive dinner. For the first, awareness is served here, for the second – a new experience, and for dessert – catharsis. The action unfolds around the participant and describes his path to the fulfillment of a dream. This is a theatrical performance that combines music, a promenade theater and an audio performance. At the end of the spiritual guests will have a delicious dinner and a glass of wine. Participation in the performance costs 200 or 400 dollars, depending on the day of the week and the time of the event.

Flight to Mars Station

An interesting entertainment for space lovers is the interactive model “MARS Station”. On the space station, “astronauts” must complete tasks and cope with emergency situations: extract energy using nuclear fuel or solar panels, study the composition of the soil, and find out the secret code.

Those who go to planet N in the Centauri system will have to explore, master and terraform it. To do this, you have to teleport to the future. The daredevils who have chosen the EVO mission will fly to the MARS station to join the scientific team and determine the direction of the development of the human colony on the red planet. A visit to the space station will cost from $300 for a company of four.



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