6 Rules to Consider Before Wearing a Crop Top

Before you pick up a crop top at the store, have an understanding of what you should consider before you flaunt it on the streets. There is a time they were not a success, but now there are many ways to dress up to a crop top and upgrade your style quotient. So, like every other clothing that you have to wear. Crop tops have various rules that you have to follow to look the part with them. Some of the things that you should keep in mind are not hard, just a guideline before you purchase one or wear one to your next event. In this article, are 6 rules that you should consider before dressing up to a crop top. 

1. Be familiar with the varieties 

Another advantage of the crop top is there are many varieties that you can choose. The types of crop tops that you can buy from ladies boutique are of many varieties that fit the needs of various body types. So, it is upon you to decide the type, color, and texture that you would prefer. For instance, some of these crop tops are shorter in comparison to the ordinary tops, and these types do not reveal a lot of skin. Some show the navel, as they rise and show fine strip under the bra line. Plus, other options expose a lot of skin in the navel area, cleavage, and arm. Hence, the one you choose is the one that makes you feel comfortable, and also suits the occasion you are going to. 

2. Ensure your body is toned 

To look good in a crop top it should blend perfectly with your body. Although they are among the easiest pieces of outfits to choose, they are not the easiest to style. So, before you purchase your crop top at your favorite boutique, make sure it will make your midriff area look amazing. If not, you should first ensure that you are a little toned down. As how much can a crop top do when your midriff area is not well-toned and in shape? However, this does not mean that that you have to lose all fat and look like a sickly thin person. Thus, tone down your waist area if you want to look beautiful with your crop tops. 

3. Be cautious of shapewear 

Shapewear and crop tops are opposites on the wardrobe spectrum. However, if you want to wear your shapewear ensure that it is not visible from any angle of your body. So, no matter the type that you have to wear with your crop top, ensure that no one can see it no matter what you are doing. Hence, be cautious of the shapewear that you wear with a crop top. If you are ready to flash your midriff area, ensure that you do not show off your shapewear as well. Since both of them do not go hand in hand as you wear your crop top. 

4. Have an upright posture 

To flaunt a crop top perfectly, you need to work on your gait and posture before you start wearing your crop tops. Especially if you one of those who walk with a slightly bent posture, or slouched shoulders. The beauty of the crop top is to make your upper body look amazing. Therefore, it will not stand out unless you have a body posture and gait that gives you an upright posture. Hence, stand straight and walk no slouching if you need it to blend well with your crop top ensemble. Even many stylist’s advice that to ensure your crop top works best with why it was made for you, a good posture is important. 

5. Wear those that hold shape 

Many girls and women around the world love the crop top trend. They have every reason to be, with how they look on their body when you pair them with various outfits. So, no matter the body type that you have, when you wear a crop top that does not hold your body shape. It kills the look. Crop tops with such improper sizes are not the best to wear, as they do not accentuate your style. Thus, choose crop tops that have a slightly heavy fabric as those that have a sloppy or light fabric do not sit well on the body. When they sit well on your body, they accentuate your upper half, the way a crop top should be. 

6. Relax in a crop top 

Relax when you wear a crop. Since when you feel nervous, you will mess the whole appearance of the crop top ensemble. Hence, although crop tops are amazing, feeling uncomfortable wearing them will not help. So, if you feel they expose too much skin. Then, you can handle it is better by wearing one that does not show much. Also, when you enjoy wearing your crop top, people will admire you as well. While when you are uncomfortable, people still can see that you are uncomfortable, and wonder why you wore it in the first place. Also, remember that comfort gives confidence, and this is a sign of beauty. For this reason, if you are new to crop tops, start with the basic ones, and then when you get confident enough, start wearing the ones that are more cropped. 

To sum up, there are many names that a crop top has, from belly shirt, tummy top, among others. When you buy yours, ensure you feel content with what you wear and do not overthink much of what people say. So, consider the above rules to help you stand out in your crop top style. If you feel the crop top choice you have is the best, then wear it as guided above. Flaunt it and show others how best to flaunt this sexy piece of clothing, and the more you embrace wearing them even as a first-timer, you will love the sense of fashion achievement that they give you.



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