5 Easy Recipes for Backyard Grills

Grilling is the best part of the summer. The smell of the charcoal being fired up, wafting over the desert planes to my humble abode bring solace to my soul and comfort my entire family. The BBQ sauce and seasonal flavors is a staple in America and are something looked-forward to year round like its Christmas. Heck, they even made Christmas an extra junior holiday in July!

However, less and less people are cooking their own food at home. Our mission today is to show you how you can easily think of super affordable ways to barbeque your own food at home and enjoy it while you do so. We want to empower people to get outside and cook for themselves and loved ones on a regular basis.

But please remember that any cooking method or anything in general for that matter, that utilizes a live fire and cooking outdoors can be dangerous and even downright deadly. For tips on how to barbeque safely this summer: www.cdc.gov/foodsafety. Make sure your parties are fun and safe and avoid unnecessary illnesses or injuries (and lawsuits).

Now, outside of this list, here is my challenge to you: find something you’ve never seen on a menu, eaten, or cooked yourself that you’d like to see thrown on the barbie and cooked to a charred perfection. The world of barbeque is endless with possibilities. Some people barbeque pizza while others cook up soup. Go crazy, but be safe!

#1.) Fruits or Vegetables

Grilled vegetables and a surprising amount of grilled fruits is a staple for every kebab and adventurous outdoorsy cook’s summer east. They are cheap, plentiful, always available at your grocery store, and the possibilities are endless! It’s hard to get them wrong as it’s not like you can undercook produce, so go crazy and have a ball.

However, these are just the basics. If you’re interested in going vegan or vegetarian, I recommend heading over to this website or the 190 Best Vegetarian Grilling Recipes on the internet. You can sort and share your favorite grilling recipes you find here or collect from your friends and family or future cookouts!

#2.) Poultry Cutlets or Fingers

Turkey, chicken, and duck; slathered in barbeque sauce, charred nice and black until the surface is sticky sweet, bubbling, and crunchy. Is there anything better than a grilled BBQ chicken sandwich on a hot Saturday afternoon by the pool? The best part is that chicken will never break the bank, so you can cook a whole load of it and eat like kings!

Turkey, chicken, and duck all need to be seasoned before, during, and after cooking to ensure the flavor profile is to your liking. If one of those steps is forgotten, you may end up with a bland bird (or what is otherwise known as a “lame duck”). Make sure to taste the spice mixture first before covering your poultry in it and sealing your fate.

#3.) Tilapia, Salmon, or Mahi-mahi

Grill marks on the side of a fresh cut (or whole) fish are gorgeous things. Fish is incredibly easy to cook on-and-off the grill, especially considering most fish can safely be eaten raw (when prepared correctly, beforehand). With little to no prep you can get white, flaky fish meat covered in a thin, crispy skin you’ll want to peel off and eat like chips.

Unless you’re a seasoned fisher in America who can identify infections in your haul, only prepare and cook fish purchased from a reputable vendor such as a grocery store, deli, butcher, or elderly fishmonger in your local bizarre.

In terms of flavor, in my opinion it is imperative to use the correct heating elements. Charcoal is always the way to go, especially if you have a blank of your favorite smoking wood beneath your fish cutlet. If you’re looking for recipes specifically to use with Watson’s charcoal grills then your best bet is to read this list in its entirety, as charcoal was used to test all of these recipes.

#4.) Pork Ribs, Cutlets, or Chops

A good rack of ribs is a sight to behold; a thing of beauty to be marveled at before being savored. Temperature and grill marks are the kickers for cooking pork, as the internal temperature needs to be maintained at a constant rate for a specific period of time depending on the thickness of the cut.

#5.) Steak or Other Prime Cuts of Beef

Beef sirloin, steak, filet mignon, and other beef products are notoriously difficult to get right in the kitchen on the inside of the house, let alone on a grill outdoors. They require a lot of time and investment to get correct and yummy. When you finally get a good cut of steak right, you can impress your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors with the skills only the few and the proud carry.



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