5 DIY option for your home décor

Do-it-yourself, or DIY projects, have taken the world by storm. From home renovations and crafty creations to tasty recipes and themed party ideas, there is something for everyone. There is a surprising amount you can do yourself to change up your kitchen without changing anything major. For those looking for a weekend project idea, grab those tools and get ready to refresh those kitchen cabinets! And since we’re talking about home improvement, we’ll explore the last one on our list: kitchen décor.

1. Vintage tea cups

Vintage teacup is a great decoration idea for spring. Colorful, cool, cute, lovely. You can be creative even in your bathroom or in your kitchen. They are really nice, filled with candy, bobby pins…I could try all kind of creative ideas with them without any problem.

To have tea cup decorations in your house, you have to be blessed because they are really expensive, but there are some nice websites where you can get them at a low price. All you need to do is search tea cups at Ashdene and choose the one that matches your kitchen’s interior color theme. 

2. Vintage tea cup candles

Installing vintage tea cup candles around the house is a great way to get that vintage feel. Many people think this is an uninteresting, dull type of decorating. But if you choose the right candles, you can get superb results.

I have lied around some old tea cups. I do not drink tea, so the only purpose they serve me is for decorative purposes. When I saw these vintage teacup candles online, I was very interested in them. I have ordered them, although I have no idea when they are being delivered to me.

3. Bird feeder

When we look at nature, we find it pretty incredible. That’s why we try to imitate the most interesting things for our own garden. This is something that is not just for decoration but can be easily converted into a functional place. We found this great tutorial for such a project on Youtube and we really love it because it is quite simple and very cute. Using just two teacups and a saucer, you will create a cute bird feeder that your pet birds and your guests will surely love if you put it on your terrace or on a balcony.

4. Tea cup center piece

If you made a flower centerpiece a week ago, then you already have the skills to make this teacup centerpiece! The only thing you need to do is to paint it with some color. A royal blue would be a good choice. This centerpiece is perfect for small tables where you want to focus on something other than the table. The centerpiece consists of a miniature teacup, small mushrooms, and acorns. The vase can also be used to hold pens or other small items. You can use any colors you like.

5. Tea set wall décor

It is a unusual story to decorate a wall with a tea set, but it looks adorable. Kinds of tea set in the wall mixture together to make a beautiful collage. The motif in this example is a Chinese ancient-style room in Beijing’s Forbidden City. On the wall of the room, there are rather unique decorations integrated into Chinese-style architecture. As you can see, there are special paintings of dragons, phoenixes, and other animals on the wall of this imposing building. The palace was completed in 1420 after three years of construction. It served as the home for Ming Dynasty kings until Emperor Yongle moved his residence to the newly constructed Forbidden City in 1421.



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