3 Tips For Enjoying A Fun Road Trip With Kids

The great American road trip is enjoying a big resurgence, as reported in a survey undertaken by travel marketing company, MMGY Global. Even before the current health crisis, families were hooked on the idea of this free, independent, comparatively low-cost form of travel, which is as well suited to couples as it is to families with little ones onboard. If you are a young parent traveling with toddler-age or slightly older kids, make it a blast for everyone by ensuring you plan ahead. These family-friendly tips may help.

Picking A Spacious Car With Optimal Safety Features

If you are about to trade in your car for a new one or you’re thinking of renting a car for your trip, vehicle reviews are a starting point to ensure your car is up to scratch in terms of space and safety. When you’re traveling with toddlers, you need room for carriages, chairs, toys and other items, and for safety’s sake, these items should be packed in the trunk and the passenger zone should be free of items that can cause injuries in the event of sudden braking. Safety features to watch out for, meanwhile, include cruise control, automatic braking, lane departure warnings, and the like. If you will be taking your own car, take it to the mechanic beforehand so that your brake pads, oil, coolant, battery and tires are maintained.

Making It Fun

Bring along books, games and playlists to make the ride seem shorter. If you have tiny tots who love watching their favorite programs on their tablet or playing on education apps, invest in a seat tablet holder, which will secure the device so that everyone in the back can have a safe and optimal viewing experience. Road trips provide a great opportunity to bond as well, so if you have older kids, plan a few games and create mini ‘debates’ on your favorite books and films.

Planning Your Route

Planning out a few ‘must see’ spots is good for two reasons: firstly, it will enable you to avoid drowsy or fatigued driving. Download an app like AAA Mobile, or rent a party bus Bakersfield, which invites you to stop every 100 miles/two hours to avoid tiredness. The second reason is that planning will allow everyone who is old enough to pick at least one ‘must see’ stop on your general route. It is also important to stress, from the beginning, that road trips can change depending on what you find along the way. That is, you may not be so excited about a particular park, camping site or resort, but you may find that once you get there, you wish to spend a few more days than initially planned.

For a road trip to really hit its mark, everyone should ideally enjoy activities and sites that fulfill them. With little kids, parents generally make relevant plans, but once kids are old enough to have interests, they can perhaps aid you in marking out your ultimate plan. Start your planning with safety measures. Taking the right car is key for comfort and safety. Finally, ensure that there is plenty of entertainment so that boredom doesn’t take over the row of backseat passengers.



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