New List Highlights Southern Cities in Best Cities for Outdoor Enthusiasts

For many Floridians, the last few months have been harder than they’ve ever been before. Most of the residents in the Sunshine state live there because they love the proximity for outdoor activities like swimming, surfing, camping, and other outdoorsy recreational activities. It’s hard to estimate how many people have been seriously cooped up inside over the past few weeks and months, especially with many green spaces being closed down. 

Being outside is not only great for your mind and body, but as cities begin to urbanize even moreso, the amount of greenspace in the cities is disappearing even more which makes it even more important to get outside. Three Floridian cities made a new list of the best major U.S. cities for people who love outdoor activities. We can’t always be living out in the sticks, so for those who would rather opt for a concrete jungle than the real one, some of these cities might be for you. 

Miami, overall, is the fourth best major city for people who love outdoor activities. Orlando came in at number seven, whereas Tampa was listed at 15. The analysis looked at several different factors that helped Spruce to determine the best cities for outdoorsy people. The company looked at median temperature differing from 70F throughout the year, number of outdoor related activities like swimming, camping, hiking, and more. 

Over the past few weeks, certain states and cities have been beginning the initial phases of “reopening” after the stay-at-home orders were issued in March. In fact, Florida is home to new regulations. City authorities have recognized the risks having beaches open during major holidays (such as July Fourth), and have actually made the move to close South Florida beaches for the weekend. Although these regulations change how many Floridians live their lives, one thing is apparent: we love to be outside. 

Do you agree with the city ranking? If this was just for Florida, how would you rank the Sunshine state’s biggest cities?




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