Calgary, Alberta

The best places to settle in Canada

The 2020 Best Countries report published by USNews lists Canada as the second best country in the world to live in (Switzerland ranks first). Canada is also well-known for being immigrant-friendly. The country will welcome a million new immigrants over the next two years. Here is an overview of some of the best places for migrant settlers in this vast nation.

Calgary, Alberta

‘Canadian Immigrant’ is a website that publishes news about immigration to Canada. It reports that 30% of Calgary’s population is made up of immigrants. These migrants come from both the Americas, India, China, South Korea, and elsewhere. About 10% of Calgary’s population consists of minorities. The Chinese, South Asian, and Filipino communities are notable among these. It is said that Calgary is one of the most migrant-friendly places in Canada.

Calgary boasts a wide range of industries. The city’s energy, financial services, technology, and retail sectors are among its largest. Earning opportunities in the city abound for migrants and others. Alberta offers the highest minimum wage in Canada at CAD 15. Calgary’s weather is generally sunny and its climate is mild. The summers are warm and the winters snowy. The city usually doesn’t experience any wild weather fluctuations.

Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa is the country’s capital and fourth largest municipality. The 2016 census shows that Ottawa is a highly diverse city. Minorities form 16% of its population. 4% of the minorities in the city are Black, 2.9% are Chinese, and 2.4% are South Asian. Canadian Immigrant reports that Ottawa’s economy is mainly supported by the telecom, tourism, software, and professional services industries. At CAD 14 the minimum wage in Ontario is one of the highest in Canada. The weather varies throughout the year. The city’s highest recorded temperature was 37.8 C and the lowest was -38.9 C. Summers in the city are warm and winters are cold and snowy.

Toronto, Ontario

Nearly 43% of Toronto’s population belongs to minority communities. This is the highest of any city in Canada. At 14% South Asians are the largest minority in the city. Other minorities include Chinese (9.6%), Black (6.9%), and Filipino (3.4%). Toronto is considered the financial capital of Canada. According to Toronto Finance International it is also the second largest financial center in North America. There are profuse employment and business opportunities for immigrants in Toronto’s financial sector, especially in fintech. Other major industries in the city include telecom, transportation, entertainment, and medical research. Being situated in Ontario the city’s minimum wage is CAD 14. More than 2 million migrants live and work in Toronto. Many of them send money online to support their families living in their home countries. The city’s weather is generally pleasant and there is a wide variation in the summer and winter temperatures. New arrivals, especially from tropical countries, must come prepared for Toronto winters that see temperatures dropping down to 10 below.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is another Canadian city with a very diverse population. 42% of the city’s population consists of minorities. The largest of these are the Chinese (18.2%), South Asian (9.9%), and Filipino (3.8%) communities. The city’s major industries are natural resources, software, tourism, and entertainment. In fact, Vancouver is known as ‘Hollywood North’ as it is the third most popular filming location after Los Angeles and New York City. The minimum wage in British Columbia is CAD 14. The city’s climate is temperate with only small changes throughout the year. Vancouver gets a lot of rainfall rather than snow in the winter.

Mississauga, Ontario

Good statistics are not available on the percentage of minorities in Mississauga. However the 2011 Canada Census Report does have some data on the languages that the residents of the city speak. 47% of those surveyed reported that they speak a language other than English or French. 10.9% speak Urdu, 8.3% speak Polish, and 6.8% speak Punjabi. fDi magazine surveyed several North and South American cities and ranked Mississauga number one on business friendliness. The city placed fourth on infrastructure, and second on economic potential. There are numerous earning opportunities in the city in various industries. The largest of these are in finance, pharmaceuticals, and transportation. The minimum wage in Ontario is CAD 14. Summers in Mississauga are generally humid and winters are snowy. The snowfall in Mississauga is generally less than other Canadian cities.

Concluding thoughts

Canada is a large country. For a migrant to decide where to make a home in this great nation can be a challenge. Most Canadian cities are commended for their living standards and openness to immigrants. However, a few cities rank exceptionally high. Their assurances of safety, great education systems, and abundant opportunities make them great places for immigrants.

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