3 Subscription Services You Might Want to Consider

We should start by acknowledging the obvious: Subscription services are out of control. There are too many that are too easy to start and too hard to stop. Now that smartphone apps have adopted the subscription model, there is almost no way to totally live your life without some sort of recurring payment for the things you need and desire. 

Besides the cost, there is a problem with subscription scams. The issue is so prevalent that the FBI is involved with dealing with it. You might start a subscription at one price but fail to see the fine print about the shockingly high increase after the first day you subscribe. Be especially vigilant for language that says the price and terms can change without notice. 

Additionally, there is the inherent problem of free trials that roll over into subscriptions. Those offering this type of package are banking on you forgetting you ever signed up for the trial. When that period is over, you will just keep paying for the service without realizing it. You can cancel most subscriptions right away and still enjoy the free trial. But there are many trials that will end the moment you cancel because they want to make sure you have a chance to forget to cancel. Subscriptions can be quite insidious. That said, there are a handful that are worth considering, here are three:


When you are ready to put on your face in the morning, the last thing you need is to be out of that crucial element that gives you the confidence to face the world. To avoid this outcome, be sure to subscribe to your most essential cosmetics such as this liquid eyeliner that lasts a full 8 hours. You have a routine that leads to your perfect look every morning. When you show up for work, people see the same, consistent, radiant face they are used to. It would be somewhat disorienting if you looked completely different everyday. The best way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to make sure you never run out of the cosmetics that create that look.

Cosmetics are not just about makeup. It could also encompass skin care. Your skin is considered an organ. And it is the largest organ in your body. But unlike other organs, you wear it on the outside. It is exposed to all manner of assaults. You never want to run out of the supplies that keep it healthy and supple. 

Meal Kits

If you have special dietary needs, You are going to want a subscription service to one of those meal kits that cater to your needs. It is not always easy to find the special ingredients you need at the corner store. Even large supermarkets might not have what it takes for your diet all the time. There is only so much space on retail shelves. But if you use a meal kit subscription, you will always have something you can eat every day without feeling like you are cheating on your diet. 

This is especially true for your kids if they have special dietary needs. The lunch counter at school is not guaranteed to have what they need. And you cannot afford to have a day go by where your kid has to choose not to eat or choose to eat something that will cause them harm. Subscription plans can be literal lifesavers in this way.

Zoos and Parks

Many parks and most zoos have the option for an annual pass. Some few will offer an automatically renewing pass that is something like season tickets to a sports club. If you have children, this is something that you will not only want to purchase, you will want to use it every chance you get. The educational and recreational possibilities are endless. When you have season tickets, you can skip the lines and enjoy more of what those parks have to offer without ever having to worry about whether or not you have the right amount of cash in your pocket when you leave the house.

Most subscriptions are a real pain and aren’t worth the effort. But when it comes to cosmetics, specialty diets, and access to zoos and parks, try getting a subscription and using it for all it’s worth. 




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