Zoe Perry Parents: Unveiling the Roots of the Talented Actress

Zoe Perry, a talented actress known for her role as young Mary Cooper in the CBS sitcom Young Sheldon, was born into a family of accomplished actors. Zoe Perry parents, Laurie Metcalf and Jeff Perry, not only have successful acting careers, but have also been influential figures in the world of theater and television. Born in Chicago on September 26, 1983, Zoe inherited her love for the performing arts from her parents and embarked on an acting journey at a young age.

Her mother, Laurie Metcalf, is a three-time Emmy Award winner who originated the role of Mary Cooper in The Big Bang Theory, the predecessor of Young Sheldon. In addition to being a renowned actress, Laurie has earned respect and recognition for her work on both stage and screen. Zoe’s father, Jeff Perry, is a co-founder of the prestigious Steppenwolf Theatre Company and has served as Artistic Director. He, too, enjoys a successful career on television, endowing his daughter with an exceptional pedigree in the world of acting.

Growing up in a family of thespians, American actress Zoe Perry started her acting career at the age of eight. With the influence and guidance of her parents, she has managed to carve out her own niche in the industry. As she continues to follow in the footsteps of her successful parents, Zoe’s passion for acting and her dedication to her craft are undeniable, earning her considerable praise and admiration from fans and industry peers alike.

Who Is Zoe Perry

Early Life and Education

Zoe Perry is an American actress born on September 26, 1983, in Chicago, Illinois. She is the daughter of renowned actors Laurie Metcalf and Jeff Perry. Growing up in a family of actors, Zoe was exposed to the world of theater and performance from a young age. She completed her education at Northwestern University, further cementing her foundation in acting.

Acting Career

Zoe’s acting career began with occasional appearances in television series like Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Private Practice. She gained notable recognition for her recurring roles in popular TV shows such as The Family and Scandal. However, it was her role as young Mary Cooper, Sheldon Cooper’s mother, in the CBS sitcom Young Sheldon that brought her widespread acclaim. Interestingly, her mother Laurie Metcalf originated the role of Mary Cooper in The Big Bang Theory, the predecessor of Young Sheldon.


In addition to her work on television, Zoe Perry has also appeared in films like The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond and Cotton. She has participated in theater productions, showcasing her versatility as an actress. As her acting career continues to evolve, she has successfully tackled a variety of roles across different mediums, including television, film, and theater.

Zoe Perry Parents

Influence on Zoe’s Career

Zoe Perry, born on September 26, 1983, is the daughter of accomplished actors Laurie Metcalf and Jeff Perry. Her mother, Laurie, is best known for her roles in popular shows like “Roseanne” and “The Big Bang Theory,” where she portrayed Jackie Harris and Mary Cooper respectively. Jeff Perry, on the other hand, is not only a renowned actor but also the co-founder of Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

The acting career of both her parents significantly influenced Zoe’s own path in the industry. Growing up around the theater and on sets provided her with a strong foundation in the acting world. Her parents’ success in the industry opened doors for Zoe, allowing her to gain valuable experiences and opportunities in the world of theater and television.

Some of Zoe’s notable roles include appearances in “The Family,” “Private Practice,” “No Pay, Nudity,” “My Boys,” and “Conviction.” Furthermore, she played the young Mary Cooper in the CBS sitcom “Young Sheldon,” a role originated by her mother Laurie Metcalf in the show’s predecessor “The Big Bang Theory.”

Zoe’s Relationship with Her Parents

Despite Laurie Metcalf and Jeff Perry’s divorce, Zoe maintains a close relationship with both of her parents. Although her father, Jeff, later married Linda Lowy, the casting director for “Grey’s Anatomy,” and her mother, Laurie, married Matt Roth, a co-star in “Roseanne,” Zoe continues to stay connected with both families.

Her bond with her parents is evident in their frequent appearances together and their collaborative work in various projects, such as “Roseanne,” “The Other Place,” and “The Big Bang Theory.” Zoe also has three younger half-siblings: Will Roth, Mae Roth, and Leah Perry, with whom she shares familial ties.

It is clear that Zoe Perry’s parents, Laurie Metcalf and Jeff Perry, played a substantial role in shaping her career in acting. Their success and commitment to their craft had a lasting impact on her, and their continued support and influence have undoubtedly helped her to thrive in the acting world.

Personal Life

Zoe Perry was born on September 26, 1984, in Chicago, United States, to actors Laurie Metcalf and Jeff Perry. She grew up with three younger half-siblings, Leah Perry, Mae Akins Roth, and Will Theron Roth. Her parents got divorced when she was just two years old in 1986. Later, her father Jeff married Linda Lowy, Grey’s Anatomy’s casting director, while her mother Laurie tied the knot with Matt Roth, a co-star in Roseanne.

Even during her childhood, Zoe spent most of her time on sets, growing up around the entertainment industry. This led her to follow in her parents’ footsteps, eventually becoming a talented actress known for roles in shows like Young Sheldon and Scandal.

As for her personal connection to the world of social media, the TV actress maintains a presence on both Instagram and Twitter. However, she prefers to keep her private life relatively low-key, sharing minimal details about her romantic life. As of now, it’s not publicly known if she has a boyfriend or not. She is not married and there is no information available regarding her dating life.

Her family has also expanded over time, with one of her half-siblings, Donovan Roth, joining the clan later on. Aside from her acting career, Zoe is also related to actor Kevin McKidd, who is married to her stepmother Linda Lowy.

Through her successful acting career, Zoe Perry has amassed a considerable net worth. Nevertheless, she remains grounded and focused on her work, contributing to her continued success and growth in the industry.

Zoe Perry and Young Sheldon

Zoe Perry, a talented American actress, has gained widespread recognition for her portrayal of Mary Cooper in the CBS sitcom “Young Sheldon.” Mary Cooper, the mother of the main character Sheldon Cooper, was initially played by Perry’s real-life mother, Laurie Metcalf, in the popular predecessor show, “The Big Bang Theory.” In the spinoff series, “Young Sheldon,” Perry carries on the legacy, capturing the essence of the character in her own impressive way.

The television series “Young Sheldon,” which premiered on CBS in 2017, showcases the early life of the genius Sheldon Cooper, played by Iain Armitage. The show delves into his family life in East Texas and sheds light on the experiences that have shaped him into the character beloved by fans in “The Big Bang Theory.” Zoe Perry’s co-stars in the series include Lance Barber, who plays George Cooper Sr., Sheldon’s father. Together, they navigate through the challenges of raising a child prodigy and provide warmth and humor throughout the series.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jim Parsons, who portrayed the adult Sheldon Cooper in “The Big Bang Theory,” expressed his excitement about having Zoe Perry step into the role of Mary Cooper for the prequel. With her extraordinary acting skills and family background in the industry, Perry has successfully channeled her mother’s performance while still making the role her own.



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